Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hua Zheng

Abstract: Titanium substrate specimen was sputter-coated with SiC or CoCrNi-oxide thin film and the wear test was carried out by using a...

Authors: Hai Li Yang, Ning He, Guo Zhang Tang, Yun Gang Li, Yu Zhu Zhang

Abstract: Boronizing of silicon steel is performed by electrodeposition in KCl-NaCl-NaF-Na2B4O710H2O molten salts with different amounts of borax....

Authors: Jian Wei Wang, Xin Chun Shang, Guo Cai Lv

Abstract: Computer simulation techniques in atom scale have now become so powerful that phenomena associated with irradiation damage effects in metals...

Authors: Yan Yan Ji, Biao Zhang, Xiao Chun Wang

Abstract: Microporous silica material AMPS has been synthesized via TEA+ cations assisted self-assembly of silica species in acidic aqueous solution....

Authors: Li Hu, Yang Sheng, He Xin

Abstract: The Virtual Prototype of Engine Mounts System of a Certain Bus Was Established Based on ADAMS. and the Dynamic Characteristics of the System...

Authors: Da Cao, Shun Xiang Wu, Long Jiang Su

Abstract: Introduced field programmable gate array FPGA with I2C bus interface device interface design. Programming with VHDL, using general FPGA I/O...

Authors: Hui Li, Xiao Hong Ge, Dun Ming Liao

Abstract: On the basis of AutoCAD, a visual casting process CAD system for copper alloy, using VC++.NET 2002 and re-development tool ObjectARX, is...

Authors: Long Jiang Su, Shun Xiang Wu, Da Cao

Abstract: HFS+ file system is a file system of the Mac OS. In order to achieve data manipulation of the file system based on the Windows OS for...

Authors: Qiu Yun Mo, Jie Cao, Feng Gao

Abstract: This paper constructs a common data fusion framework of fault diagnosis, by combining local neural networks with dempster-shafer (D-S)...

Authors: Qiu Yun Mo, Feng Gao

Abstract: This paper demonstrates a method and its implementation on workers’ heart load affected by industry noise, and, to develop a related data...


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