Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Da Hui Li, Ming Diao

Abstract: In the paper, the first introduced multifractal features of image, and defined some measures; then described procedures of the edge...

Authors: Wei Sheng Liu

Abstract: the paper exposits the purpose and the significance of the wind jig dry coal preparation technology, discuss the working principle and...

Authors: Da Qian Zhang, Tian Xia Zhang, Wei Tao Zhao, Wei Ping Zhang

Abstract: Compared with traditional deterministic structural static analysis, it is more practical that strength reliability analyses for bus body...

Authors: Zhong Wen Yue, Hui Zhang, Bo Yang Dou

Abstract: To study the industrial technology for application of the C100 High strength and high performance concrete which is in freezing shaft lining...

Authors: Xing Xing Feng, Yan Peng, Yi Long Zhao

Abstract: Botnet is a kind of computer clusters which hackers have controlled by one to many command channels for malicious purposes. Using a botnet,...

Authors: Hai Rui Wang, Ya Li, Ying Jiang

Abstract: Based on Web Service and Multi-agents technology, this paper proposes to build a remote distributed fault diagnosis system for equipments of...

Authors: Qi Feng Wang, Zhang Jian Wu

Abstract: To solve the problems in manufacturing execution system (MES) design and application, two key issues for MES is studied in this paper....

Authors: Peng Yue Zhang, Hong Liang Ge, Min Xiang Pan, Zhi Wei Jiao, Jie Gong, Qiong Wu, Rui Fu, Ting Ting Liu

Abstract: The recoil behavior of melt-spun ribbons of Zr-doped α-Fe/Nd2Fe14B alloys has been investigated by analyzing hysteresis curves and recoil...

Authors: Bin Du, Shi Sheng Zhou, Nan Wang

Abstract: Considering the fact of low gloss and masking power of aluminum powder, the aluminum powder is chemically modified by wet covering with...

Authors: Ming Liang Hou, Yu Ran Liu, Shu Bin Xing, Li Yun Su

Abstract: Aiming at the fatal flaws of the traditional diagnosis methods for the large-scale photoelectric tracking devices, such as poor stability...


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