Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Zhao, Ping Wang, Yan Jue Gong, Li Zhang, Chun Ling Meng

Abstract: Uncooled infrared bolometer arrays have become mainstream low-cost thermal detector used in applications such as firefighting, security and...

Authors: Yan Jue Gong, Fu Zhao, Hui Yu Xiang, Li Zhang

Abstract: Micro-actuator technology is important base of design and fabrication MEMS. According to a kind of bimorph thermal actuator, this paper...

Authors: Ying Li Liu, Te Liang Yan, Jian Fei Li, Zhen Jiang

Abstract: It refers to the main form and the mechanical characteristics of transfer structure. It analyzed the practical architectural mechanics...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Hai Ou Liu, Hui Yan Chen

Abstract: As an important part of vehicle following control system, vehicle longitudinal dynamic model had significant effect on the research and...

Authors: Su Qun Cao, Yun Feng Bu

Abstract: Scatter matrix based class separability criterion is commonly used in supervised feature extraction. But calculations of scatter matrixes...

Authors: Hong He, Xiao Lun Zhang, Da Jian Zhang, Ming Feng Hou

Abstract: CY7C68013 data acquisition card generally connect GPIF with other peripherals through the external FIFO, not only increasing the device but...

Authors: Hong He, Shi Pu Zhang, Da Jian Zhang, Ming Feng Hou

Abstract: Taximeter measurement error is the vital relationship between the interests of drivers and passengers. In order to deal both fair and just,...

Authors: Hong He, Xing Huang, Fang Liu, Da Jian Zhang, Ming Feng Hou

Abstract: Classical spectral estimation, whether the direct method or indirect method, are available to fast Fourier transform method, their concepts...

Authors: Liu Yang

Abstract: Daqing spirit is the important component of Chinese nation spirit. Daqing spirit and enterprise culture are all in the Socialist era, Daqing...

Authors: Hong He, Jian Li Peng, Da Jian Zhang, Ming Feng Hou

Abstract: Corrosion rate in measuring metal corrosion by electrochemical sensors measuring speed, through the internal chip processed data to the...


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