Materials Science and Engineering

Volumes 179-180

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Guang Chen, Hua Yan

Abstract: Electro-Rheological (ER) fluid is a smart material. It develops a new path for automotive semi-active intelligent suspension system. The...

Authors: Dong Bing Geng, Hong Jun Guo, San Qing Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a new method that has shown significant potential to characterize lightning strikes damage which is couple with dynamic...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Zhen Qing Wang, Yan Ju Liu, Jin Song Leng

Abstract: DSC test is carried out to determine the phase transformation temperatures of a NiTi SMA, which include martensitic starting temperature,...

Authors: Shi Xue Xu, Ling Fei Xu, Yan Ru Chen

Abstract: Differentiation of materials in optical method is significant and widely applied in engineering. The target of detection is usually not a...

Authors: Zi Hong Yin, Yuan Fu Li, Yan Li

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript for Trans Tech Publications. The best is to read these...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Hong E Ren, Yu Chen

Abstract: Image scrambling is an important method to achieve images secrecy. Arnold cat transformation is widely applied, and its scrambling effect is...

Authors: Yun Chen, Jing Jing Li

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of construction materials management of expressway projects, this paper analyzes the operation processes of the...

Authors: Jie Yang, Hua Min Zhang, Wu Xie

Abstract: A channel estimation algorithm based on superimposed training sequence is proposed in this paper. The algorithm does not need the allocation...

Authors: Xin Min Min, Hong Fei Liu

Abstract: It has some encouraging results to use ozone in medicaments, treatments and so on. As it is usually in gas state, unstable and strong...

Authors: Wei He

Abstract: With technology becoming the key factor for national economic growth, as important way for developing countries to obtain technology,...


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