High Performance Structures and Materials Engineering

Volumes 217-218

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.217-218

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Authors: Rui Fen Zhou, Lin Bai, Kang Xing Dong, Yu Xin Dai

Abstract: Using the test data of suspendsion load on socker rod from oilfield database, a prediction model is presented, which adapted the improved...

Authors: Si Yuan Wen, Ying Li

Abstract: The objective of fastest completed vehicle routing problem (FCVRP) is to minimum complete time, this kind VRP problem was applied in...

Authors: Yu Tong, Tian Wen Guo, Jing Wang, Hai Feng Liang, Mi Qian

Abstract: The commercially pure(CP) titanium specimens were modified with Direct current(DC) plasma nitriding and arc ion plating of TiN film. The...

Authors: Min Xu, Mei Qi Fang

Abstract: Performance is very important for the success of software. Software performance engineering (SPE) provides a good approach to constructing...

Authors: Xi Guang Huang

Abstract: A new algebraic method for the solution of the forward displacement analysis of a parallel manipulator is presented in this paper. Based on...

Authors: Hong Chi Zhao, Qi Li, Li Bin Bai, Fan Huang

Abstract: Polyvinylamine (PVAm) was synthesized by Hofmann degradation of polyacrylamide (PAM). The thermal properties of the Polyvinylamine...

Authors: Ling Jun Zhu, Shu Rong Wang, Xiao Lan Ge, Xin Bao Li, Zhong Yang Luo

Abstract: A silica supported Cu catalyst with good performance for ethylene glycol (EG) production was prepared by the hydrolysis of...

Authors: Yun Dong Xuan, Zhan Zhao, Zhen Fang, Dao Qu Geng, Yao Hong Shi

Abstract: The development of Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems ,integrated circuits, wireless communications have resulted in the creation of miniature,...

Authors: H.Q. Yan, Ying Peng, Qing Yuan Wang

Abstract: Recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) is a kind of practical and economic material to reuse the great amount of construction and demolition...

Authors: Yuan Luo, Shuai Shao, Yi Zhang

Abstract: Focuses on the range error of sonar due to specular reflection, a method of weighted fusion has been used to fuse the data of sonar and...


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