Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Qi Li, Si Jing Liu

Abstract: For the multi-attribute characteristics of scale, quantity, service radius and target of service in city logistics facilities,this paper...

Authors: Hua Zheng, Li Xie, Li Zi Zhang

Abstract: Spatial load forecasting is one of key problems in the process of electric system planning. But due to the special complexity of the power...

Authors: Xiao Mei Wang

Abstract: As a large agricultural country, national economy as well as its social stability, development and modernization are influenced...

Authors: Ching Sung Wang, Yen Ju Chiang, Chih Chung Chang, Jia He Lin, Wei Jie Lin, Siang Jyun Jheng

Abstract: As an auxiliary facility to assist a disabled patient to perform a normal walk, the crutch or the wheelchair is considered to provide an...

Authors: Jian Wang, Yun Feng Shen, Jun He, Zhi Zhang

Abstract: The abrasion of excavator’s key connection position because of the poor lubrication has become the major factor that affected the mechanical...

Authors: Guang Fu Liu, Wei Gong Zhang

Abstract: For a multi-dimension force transducer, the mutual coupling between any two force transducers is unavoidable, and normally, the coupling...

Authors: Fei Mao, Yu Wang, Mei Wang

Abstract: The current theory of military spending allocation is the product of traditional security concept. With the development of national security...

Authors: Ji Xue Dong, Hong Zhang

Abstract: The article analyzes undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Competition’s characteristics and the theory foundation thoroughly,and points out...

Authors: Chang Hua Liu, Cao Yuan

Abstract: The technologies of Wireless local networks and cellular network are very popular and more and more service under the integrated...

Authors: Zun Xin Wang

Abstract: The continuous development of the digital library construction proposed high storage requirement, the traditional storage technology has...


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