Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huai Tao Shi, Jian Chang Liu, Long Li, Yu Zhang

Abstract: In traditional dynamic principal component analysis (DPCA) for fault detection, there are some drawbacks such as an excess of the number of...

Authors: Shuang Zhang, Qing He Hu, Xing Wei Wang

Abstract: The paper studies transformer optimal design, establishes optimal transformer model based on total owning cost. It adopts penalty function...

Authors: Shi Kai Zhang

Abstract: Spectrum is limited, in order to develop high efficient modem, Complex FastICA algorithm is studied about its potential use in UNB signal...

Authors: Lan Yi Sun, Cai Xia Qi, Jun Li, Qing Song Li

Abstract: The Catalytic Divided Wall Column (CDWC) for hydrolysis of methyl acetate (MeAc) is designed and optimized. Distillate rate and side rate of...

Authors: Gu Jun Yan

Abstract: Community banks maintain advantages in providing personalized financial services. This mainly comes from these banks’ credit managers close...

Authors: Wei Wang, Xue Song Liu, Tao Wang

Abstract: In former researches, the classification of the various indicators in the research of rural worker migration was pointed from the...

Authors: Tammam Merhej, Xin Kai Li, De Cheng Feng

Abstract: This paper presents the experimental investigation carried out to study the behavior of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete (PPFRC)...

Authors: Li Yan Xu, Ling Ling Sun, Zhi Hua Xiao, Fei Yue Hu

Abstract: UHF RFID system has been mainly used in logistics,production and supply chain management. The implementation of UHF RFID reader with...

Authors: Rui Hu Kuang, Ju Chi Kuang, Ze Ming Chen

Abstract: Framework in e-business platform based on VRT (Virtual Reality Technology) was discussed, and difficulties in the process were investigated,...

Authors: Hao Yang Cui, Zhong Tang, Yong Fang, Jun Liu, Ting Qian, Chun Xu Yang

Abstract: Temperature is one of the most important parameters to evaluate the status of electric equipments. In this paper, a temperature monitor and...


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