Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Xiong Li, Shuang Guo Niu

Abstract: To solve no electricity in remote areas, a new type of power supply scheme is designed and a multi-function power cabinet and a...

Authors: Yan Wang, Zheng Wu Jiang

Abstract: Face detection has been developed into one independent research direction. This paper proposes a detection method based on the combination...

Authors: Yue Chang

Abstract: Audio-visual archives are national important part of files. Compared to traditional paper files, there are some differences in the carrier,...

Authors: Hui Chao Shi, Long Tian, Liang Wang

Abstract: For constructing Bayesian diagnostic network model of complex system is a difficult course, we propose a Bayesian network model...

Authors: Zhi Zheng Wu

Abstract: In this paper, the design for a new piezoelectrically transduced hybrid resonator is proposed. The frequency stability problem is improved...

Authors: Ying Qu, Pang Zhou

Abstract: This paper presents a new algorithm for approximate inference in credal networks (that is, models based on directed acyclic graphs and...

Authors: Hu Liu, Xiao Chun Ge

Abstract: The rapid development of global integration has fastened Corporations’ market expansion and social penetration, and charitable acts have...

Authors: Rui Liu, Yi An, Lang Song

Abstract: Automatic opinion mining and summarization from online reviews are very useful for customers and merchants. This paper proposes a method to...

Authors: Kurban Ubul, Guljamal Ubul, Alim Aysa

Abstract: Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is an important and growing subject area in Electrical/Computer Engineering (ECE), Computer Science and...

Authors: De Bin Fang, Wen Liu

Abstract: Project auction is an important principal-agent with competition. The uncertainty of market and incompleteness of bidders’ information bring...


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