Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chen Li, Sheng Ling Xiao, Shi Zhou You

Abstract: Experiment design is to find the main influence factors through analysis of initial experiment data, which is an important foundation to...

Authors: Zong Guo Zhou, Yin Xia Lou, Jian Chu

Abstract: For the implementation of precision irrigation (PI), it is most important to measure precisely plant water potential. The traditional...

Authors: Xin Biao Gan, Li Shen, Quan Yuan Tan, Cong Liu, Zhi Ying Wang

Abstract: GPU provides higher peak performance with hundreds of cores than CPU counterpart. However, it is a big challenge to take full advantage of...

Authors: Hui Zhao, Li Ming Chen

Abstract: The paper presents an information process system for appraising key construction projects’risk. Based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP)...

Authors: Jie Liu, Ling Bai, Xiang Yang Huang

Abstract: As online gaming addiction has a serious impact on the healthy growth of young people, this paper presents a method that uses the ontology...

Authors: Feng Ge Yao, Ping Zhang

Abstract: Petrochemical industry produces long-lasting industrial waste gas, waste water and waste residues which affect ecological environment in our...

Authors: Huan Li Zhu, Xiang Li

Abstract: This paper attempts to survey the compositions, functions and operation of an automatic control system for irrigation. By means of the...

Authors: Hong Mei Wen, Shan Shan Li

Abstract: As a main industry of our national economy, petrochemical industry produces long-lasting industrial waste gas, waste water and waste...

Authors: Jing Hao Song, Xiao Long Tang, Hong Hong Yi, Ping Ning, Kai Li, Qiong Fe Yu, Dan He

Abstract: A new type electrochemical reactor was designed for electrochemical promotion catalytic oxidation of NO, which was a flat-plate fixed-bed...

Authors: Ren Wang Li, Jun Le Cheng, Xin Li Wu, Can Lin Mo

Abstract: From the point of view of resistance, inductance and capacitance in physics, this paper firstly analyzed the similarities of their...


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