Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Hui Dong, Wei Li, Xu Wen Guo

Abstract: Currently, the issue of computer network security becomes more and more serious. This thesis takes the main factors that affect the computer...

Authors: Ning Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, a traffic flow control scheme is presented. Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) technology have significantly increased...

Authors: Ning Zhang, Mao Chang Ge

Abstract: In this paper, we analyse the optical burst switched (OBS) network, discuss the OBS node architecture. In OBS network, to construct a good...

Authors: Guo Wei Gao, Xin Yu Duan

Abstract: In spite of the growing focus on human-computer interaction design promoted by researchers and practitioners, there remains a large user...

Authors: Ning Zhang, Xue Mei Xu

Abstract: In recent years, optical network has made great progress. Optical networking architects were concerned with medium access control protocols...

Authors: Qi Liu, Yuan Dong Du

Abstract: Parameter optimization of PID control is always a hot spot in the research field of control, and control effect of PID depends on the...

Authors: Shi Kai Liu, Wei Cui, Hai Bin Yang, Zheng Xin Li, Wen Jun Zou

Abstract: Self-organized nanotube arrays were prepared by a facile two-electrode electrochemical anodization on pure Ti in a 0.5wt% NH4F...

Authors: Shi Kai Liu, Yan Tao Li, Hai Bin Yang, Wen Jun Zou, Zheng Xin Li

Abstract: Nanotubular films on the surface of Ti-2Al-1.5Mn (TC1) alloy were fabricated by electrochemical anodization technique in aqueous ammonium...

Authors: Jun Hong Cao, Zhuo Bin Wei

Abstract: The analysis of structure vibration signals is influenced by noise mixed in the signals. Independent component analysis (ICA) method is...

Authors: Ying Wang, Zhi Xian Lin, Jian Guo Cao, Mao Qing Li

Abstract: In this paper, an automatic segmentation system was developed for MRI brain tumor. Local region-based active contour models were suitable...


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