Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cheng Zhuang, Chang Qing Fu, Si Ming Zhuang

Abstract: Based on investigation into available monitoring and control system technology at home and abroad, this paper presents extensive surveys and...

Authors: Xian Bo Chen, Xing Hao Ding, Hui Liu

Abstract: Magnetic Resonance images are often corrupted by Gaussian noise which highly affects the quality of MR images. In this paper, a...

Authors: Zhi Guo Hong, Yong Bin Wang, Min Yong Shi

Abstract: By taking transmission delay into account, the optimization of distributed rendering environment (DRE) was concerned in this paper....

Authors: Yun Juan Liang, Li Jun Zhang, Li Li

Abstract: An important breakthrough in Object-Oriented area is to raise the conception of design pattern, which was not born long before, but soon...

Authors: Ying Chen

Abstract: Along with the development of power electronic technology, various inverters are widely used in all sectors. the advanced modern control...

Authors: Ke Luo, Hai Ying Yu

Abstract: To damp the inter-area low-frequency oscillation in power systems, a wide-area damping supplementary inter-area controller, based on output...

Authors: Mei Zhu Chen, Jing Hong, Shao Peng Wu, Wan Lu, Guang Ji Xu

Abstract: Rutting is a common and serious phenomenon in asphalt pavement especially in high temperature areas. Phase change material (PCM) can adjust...

Authors: Hong Xian Ye, Xiao Ping Hu

Abstract: To estimate the number of mechanical vibration sources from the convolution mixtures with fewer sensors than sources, a new method combined...

Authors: Sheng Jun Xue, Fang Fang Liu

Abstract: Grid task scheduling is an NP problem , performance of scheduling algorithms greatly influences scheduling results. Aiming at the shortages...

Authors: Xiao Zhong Ren, Shao Jie Du, Xue Sheng Pei

Abstract: Applying the 3D design and finite element technology to the design of city bus body, the model analysis of bus body frame was carried out....


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