Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Huai Wang, Jian Mei Xiao

Abstract: A neural network soft sensor based on fuzzy clustering is presented. The training data set is separated into several clusters with different...

Authors: Chuan Qi Li, Chao Jia, Bang Shu Xu

Abstract: A decision support system for flood warning has been developed for Jinan city. It is a web based distributed system that integrates GIS,...

Authors: Long Yuan Wang, Quan Liu

Abstract: A Smart home control system based on S3C2440 and Windows CE was designed, which combined with 433MHz/315MHz wireless network and Wi-Fi...

Authors: Mu Zhang, Jie Miao, Jing Luo, Jian Hua Lan

Abstract: When massive information brings people more channels to attain messages, there generates different types of new personalized recommendation...

Authors: Yue Fen Wang, Mei Hui Zhao

Abstract: Financial crisis reflects that the value of enterprise is the key to lead the development of the enterprise. Combining with the vacancy of...

Authors: Chang Min Chen, Wei Cheng Xie, Song Song Fan

Abstract: Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is the key to reducing the cost of logistics, and also an NP-hard problem. Ant colony algorithm is a very...

Authors: Chang Hua Liu, Xiu Qing Ren

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency and security of the authentication for Hierarchical Mobile IP protocol, we propose a novel authentication...

Authors: Wei Cheng Xie, Ling Ling Li, Zi Yang He, Chang Min Chen

Abstract: According to the fast increase of Information data and continuous enhancement of people’s requirement for analyze of information, it is more...

Authors: Jia Cheng Ni, Li Li, Fei Qiao

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed a LW-PSO (PSO using a local world evolving model) by combining a local world evolving model with the “survival of...

Authors: Ya Hui Dong, Wei Li, Xu Wen Guo

Abstract: As a new business model, e-commerce has great prospects for development. Meanwhile, such an e-business model has put forward higher...


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