Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Jie Zhang, Xiao Hu Zhang, Bin Tuan Wang

Abstract: The vibration data processing of environmental spectrum is an important part of environmental reliability test for the aircraft. Based on...

Authors: Yong Jie Zhang, Peng Tao

Abstract: Based on 150 seats BWB civil aircraft, an aluminum triple-bubble cabin model are built. By large deformation analysis, the triple-bubble...

Authors: Rui Chen, Yu Lin Lan, Reza Asharif Mohammad

Abstract: This paper proposed a digital audio watermarking scheme based on independent component analysis (ICA) in DWT domain. The embedding process...

Authors: Shi Jun He, Wen Jun Zhou, Yu Zhang, Zhong Hua Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the difficulties from adopting numerical calculation to solve storm surges at specific geographic, a coupling method of Support...

Authors: Lian Jin Li

Abstract: A similar structure model has proposed for three-storey building structure based on similarity theory, thus differential equations are...

Authors: Wei Qiang Yue, Li Qiang Jin, Chuan Xue Song

Abstract: This paper aimed at solving the difficulty of nonlinear process control by classical PID controller. The author structured a GA-PID...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Yan Xu

Abstract: Construction of agile supply chain enables enterprises to share their process, application and data in different regions, different...

Authors: Ni Zhao, Chun Xian Fu

Abstract: The most important thing of the detection system is the locating accuray of the pattern edge. With respect to the conventional sub-pixel...

Authors: Hong Ge Yue, Qi Min Zhang

Abstract: In general stochastic delay neural networks with Poisson jump and Markovian switching do not have explicit solutions. Appropriate numerical...

Authors: Jing Ming Zhang, Wei Nan Du, Xiu Hu Wang

Abstract: In order to improve hybrid electric vehicle’s energy efficiency, this paper did a research on the regenerative braking system of HEV. In...


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