Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Xiang Shen, Hui Zhi, Shi Xiang Shao

Abstract: CDMA system is the interference-restricted system, In the TD-SCDMA trunking system, using more than one scrambling in a cell introduces...

Authors: Jing Ming Zhang, Shuang Shuang Cui, You Cun Ren

Abstract: In order to recycle regenerative braking energy, we built the PHEV regenerative braking test platform with model design concept, based on...

Authors: Ze Min Fu, Guang Ming Liu

Abstract: Springback radius is a very important factor to influence the quality of sheet metal air-bending forming. Accurate prediction of springback...

Authors: Wei Gang Zhu

Abstract: According to the shortcomings of higher strength labors and lower accuracy data of manual methods to collect origin destinations, methods...

Authors: Sheng Wen Zhang, Xuan Peng Wang

Abstract: SaaS (Software as a Service) application mode came into being along with the expansion and convenient of the network platform, and its core...

Authors: Jie Mu, Ge Wang

Abstract: The popularity of 3G networks makes revolutionary changes occurred in M-learning, which enables us to do real-time video and audio learning...

Authors: Yu Kui Sheng, Wan Lian Lan

Abstract: Distributed Material Requirements Planning is widely used in manufacture enterprise. The decentralized decisions of purchasing and...

Authors: Chun Li Han, Yun Chao Ma

Abstract: In order to effectively implementing the organization and management of large-scale sport events, and carrying out the important role of...

Authors: Kang Min Chien, Tain Yi Luor, Tzong Chen Wu, Hsi Peng Lu

Abstract: While many past studies focus on “smart home” research, little is known about this stream of research. Begun as an effort to assess the...

Authors: Wei Jiang

Abstract: Finite element simulation is an efficient method for studying factors affecting weld-induced residual stress distributions. In this paper, a...


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