Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Zhang, Shao Jun Chu, Shan Qiang Ni, Zhong Si Li

Abstract: Increasing requirement of MCMnFe & MCCrFe in steel enterprises, the applying of the shaking ladle process is also adapted by more and more...

Authors: Ping Wu

Abstract: This article firstly compared the domestic and foreign design status of LED lamps, and then pointed out the necessity and significance of...

Authors: Bin Shen, Dang Jin Qi, Liu Qun Fan, Zhi Hao Zhu

Abstract: By circumference milling with 5-axis machine or machining center has quite the machining efficiency and the surface quality of the products...

Authors: Hong Gang Li, Hong Mei Zhao

Abstract: There are many ways of designing product. The article adopts the way , a systematic design by introducing the genetic theory of biological...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Zhi Guo An, Lu Li

Abstract: Aiming at the center wedge of the railway freight car buffers, the forging process was analyzed and the die design was optimized. The direct...

Authors: Zhi Ming Zhou, Wei Jiu Huang, M. Deng, Min Min Cao, Li Wen Tang, Jing Luo, Xiao Ping Li, Hua Xia

Abstract: The numerical simulation model of single roller rapid solidification melt-spinning CuFe10 alloys was built in this paper. The vacuum...

Authors: Qiong Wu, Ruo Xi Chen

Abstract: The product design is divided into conceptual design and improved design in the field of industrial design in China featuring with free...

Authors: Chang Qing Zhang, Bo Qiang Li, Xi Jing Wang

Abstract: The Friction stir blind riveting (FSBR) process consists of a blind rivet is driven at high rotational speed and brought into contact with...

Authors: Guang Guo Zhang, Hong Hua Zhang, Wei Jiang, Huan Wang

Abstract: When design the spline broach,it refer to many parameters, large calculated amount , tedious teeth design and long design cycle .this Papers...

Authors: Guo Ping Li, Qing Wei Zhang

Abstract: The constituting of diagnosis expert system and the basic theory of fault tree analysis were introduced at first. A model of combining fault...


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