Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Bi An, Hu Wang, Da Hai Jiang

Abstract: Remanufacturing engines don’t pass the test without running-in process. And most of them never so much as reaching 85% of the standard...

Authors: Wei Sheng Li, Li Ming Yu

Abstract: Structure noise of marine gearbox seriously affects warship’s concealment, stability of transmission system and amenity of crew working...

Authors: Jian Ping Jia, Shun Ping Yao, Zheng Qiang Zhu

Abstract: Due to the establishment of thermal equilibrium is very rare, some cases not possible, so the accuracy of temperature measurement is often...

Authors: Qiang Chen, Mu Gui Zhou, Da Chang Zhu

Abstract: A systematic methodology is presented for design of 2R2T 4-DoF symmetrical parallel manipulators, based on the screw theory. Through analyse...

Authors: Li Yang Yao, Yun Peng Hu, Qin Ma, Xian Wei Ma

Abstract: The research was conducted to evaluate pavement properties of polyacrylonitrile fiber asphalt binder and asphalt mixtures, including high...

Authors: Qiong Wu, Li Na Zhang

Abstract: Concerning on the current vague definition of industrial design in China, this paper indicates that industrial design and engine design are...

Authors: Xue Feng Li, Han Yan, Shao Xian Peng

Abstract: A new type of water-based lubrication additive — colloidal polystyrene-carbon nanotubes (PSt-CNTs) has been prepared. Transmission electron...

Authors: Xu Dan Dang, Meng Wei, Xin Li Wang, Jun Xiao

Abstract: By contrasting the two finite models, a practical finite element computational model of X-cor sandwich’s compressive modulus was proposed....

Authors: Qiang Li, Qun Li Xia, Ying Ying Cui, Qiu Qiu Wen

Abstract: The paper connects trajectory model with the man-machine interface of MFC, which can make the flight parameters and trajectory-drawing...

Authors: Qian Zhe Zhao, Yi Bing Liu, Yan Ping Liu, Wei Song Zhou

Abstract: Based on electromagnetic and temperature field models of nonlinear ferromagnetic materials, this paper conducts a finite element analysis of...


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