Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, MMSE2011

Volumes 228-229

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Nie, Hong Nie, Ming Zhang

Abstract: The general function library and hydraulic control library of EASY5 software were used to establish the dynamic model of hydraulic system of...

Authors: Chuan Can Chen, Xi Dong Chen

Abstract: In order to make better use of excavator in foundation pit, a new excavator with telescopic arm is designed in this paper. The innovations...

Authors: Bin Wang, Chao Ma, Peng Wang

Abstract: In this research X65 steel is chosen as the test material, and tension test and three-point bending test of X65 are made, then we got the...

Authors: Xiong Zhang, Zhi Wen, Guo Feng Lou, Nai Shuai Wang

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss the application of oxygen-enriched combustion in metallurgic furnaces. Based on the knowledge of...

Authors: Ban Quan Yang, Fa Xin Li

Abstract: The surface heat treatment can lead to the residual stress and inhomogenous effects in coating-substrate system. Based on the well-known...

Authors: S. S. Pawale, Hai Jun Wang

Abstract: According to MR fluid properties and MR damper structure, a multi-body dynamic model of semi-active landing gear was built by using virtual...

Authors: Qi Shu, Bing Gang Wang

Abstract: Nowadays there is little ergonomics consideration in the oil engineering machines and the improvement of comfort levels in the high...

Authors: Li Bin Tan, Xiao Liu Yu, Qin Qin Dou, Qian Qian Zhang, Zhuo Ge

Abstract: A scheme of mould opening degree auto-detecting device is proposed. The inner-wall dimension of mould working segment can be measured and...

Authors: Yong Dan Zhu, Hong Hua Liao, Jian Jun Tan, An You Zuo, Jin Qiao Yi, Lin Jiao Sun

Abstract: The electrical–magnetic transport properties of (La0.7Ca0.3MnO3)(1-x)/(BN)x composites has been investigated systemically by conventional...

Authors: Jiang Ping Mei, Yang Tan, Lan Wang, Wen Chang Zhang

Abstract: Due to the complicated structure of the cast-steel joints of Sunny Valley at Shanghai World Expo Axis, its mass production method faces many...


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