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Authors: Cheng Guo Sun, Bing Cheng Hu, Quan Zhi Deng
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Two novel types of metallo-deuteroporphyrins bearing the disulphide bond were employed to investigate their catalytic activity in oxidation...
Authors: Chun Fang Lai, Guo Liang Zhang, Xin Jiang Sheng, Hai Min Sun, Lu Sheng Xu, Jin Zhe He
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Novel membrane contactors offer a number of important advantages over conventional dispersed phase contactors, including absence of...
Authors: Ling Wang, Guo Liang Zhang, Hua Bing Jiang, Xiu Zhen Wei, Bo Sheng Lv
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The membrane integrated process including nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) had more advantages in recycling the electroplating...
Authors: Ying Hua Song, Sheng Ming Chen
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The sorption of eosin by peanut husk, which was chemically modified by formaldehyde in acidic medium was studied with variation in the...
Authors: Yi Min Chen, Bao Xue Zhou, Long Hai Li, Yong Hiu Song, Jin Hua Li, Yan Bao Liu, Wei Min Cai
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:Electrocoagulation (EC) has been proven by a substantial number of studies to be an efficient technology to remove organic pollutants from...
Authors: Meng Wei Gao, Min Shen, Hua Kun Lou, Hao Chen, Sheng Qing Li, Ai Fang Xue
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:A new method of solid phase extraction (SPE), using crosslinked carboxymethyl starch as adsorbent, combined with direct slurry sampling...
Authors: Hong Wei Yang, Yi Wei Fei, Xian Yong Wei, Jian Qiang Hu, Chao Wu
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The evaporation loss is one of the long-term serious problems to the storage and transit of the fuel oil, as well as the environment...
Authors: Lin Zhang, Zong Yu Chen
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The relation between isotopic compositions of precipitation and surface air temperature provides an unique tool for paleoclimate studies....
Authors: Li Hong Zhang, Cheng Bin Xu, Zhong Lin Chen, Xue Mei Li
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:The photocatalytic degradation of pyrene (PYRE) and benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) on soil surfaces in the presence of Fe2O3...
Authors: Hui Ping Shao, Tao Lin, Ji Luo, Zhi Meng Guo
3 Environmental Chemical Engineering
Abstract:It is important to separate the nonmagnetic metals from shredded automobiles scraps efficiently. The research relates in general to the...
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