Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Zhang, Dan Zuo, Su Li Guo, Zhong Cao, Jun Liu, Qiu Jie Meng, Xi Yan Yu

Abstract: A kind of bamboo char with high specific surface area has been studied as the absorption material of the activated carbon electrodes, and...

Authors: Wen Yang, Ping Wang, Wen Lian Luo, Jian Zhu, Ye Zhang

Abstract: A study of the modified diatomite prepared by the PAM coated on the surface of the raw diatomite and applied to treat the simulated...

Authors: Xi Zhen Liang, Tao Zhou, Guo Lin Huang, Yue Ming Zhou

Abstract: A new method using aluminum oxide (Al2O3) as solid-phase extraction coupled with atomic absorption spectrum(AAS) was...

Authors: Li Zhang, Yao Ding

Abstract: In this experiment, we use the removal rate of COD as index to optimize membrane composition and operating parameters formula by 3 stage...

Authors: Lin Bo Li, Wei Lei, Tao Hong

Abstract: In this paper, azo dye Acid Red B (ARB) simulation of wastewater was treated with persulfuric acid. By conducting the comparative...

Authors: Zhao Zhong Shi, Yu Rong Yang, Ling Zhang

Abstract: Clean development mechanism is one way of cooperation between developed and developing countries to decrease greenhouse gases emission in...

Authors: Xiao Yi Xu, Ji Hang Wang, Gu Yuan Luo, Hong Zhu, Wen Liang Cai

Abstract: 3-D Fluorescence Spectrometry analysis and sorption experiments of Acenaphthene (Acp), one of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs),...

Authors: Li Xia Hao, Feng Qing Zhao, Peng Xiang Zhao

Abstract: Cement industry bear the brunt in the tide of resisting global warming because of large carbon dioxide emission. Five low-carbon measures...

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yu Li, Rong Jian Mai, Qian Yu, Lin Yu

Abstract: Catalytic combustion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is a high efficient and low-polluted technique. In this paper, the palladium-based...

Authors: Dong Jin Wan, Dan Qu, Hua Xiao, Yong De Liu, Ting Lu, Wen Qing Xu

Abstract: Hydrotalcites (HT-X) of different Mg/Al ratio (X is Mg/Al molar ratio, 3 and 4) was synthesized by co-precipitation method. Calcined HTLCs...


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