Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sa Liu, Jian Wei Guo, Chu Fen Yang, Long Huan Li, Yi Hua Cui

Abstract: Al-containing mesoporous molecular sieves(Al-MCM-41) were synthesized at ambient temperature. The structures of samples were characterized...

Authors: Jian Wei Guo, Nian Yun Guan, Sa Liu, Chu Fen Yang, Le Jie Zhu

Abstract: To develop the potential use of adamantane derivatives in surfactant field, the adamantyl residue was introduced into the quaternary...

Authors: Hua Zhu, Jian Wei Guo, Chu Fen Yang, Sa Liu, Jin Ping Peng, Yi Hua Cui

Abstract: A new tertiary amine derivative of adamantane —N,N,N’,N’-tetramethyl-1, 3-disaminomethyl adamantane dihydrochloride (1), which is a key...

Authors: Si Fang Li, Miao Liu

Abstract: Acid-resistant ultramarine blue pigment with a silica shell was prepared by dense silica coating process. From X-ray photoelectron...

Authors: Yi He Li, Qing Ling Fang, Chun Yu Wang, Wen Sen Chang, Xiao Dong Li

Abstract: UV curable vinylic polymethylsilane (v-PMS) was synthesized by a facile one-step Wurtz route, the products’ molecular structures were...

Authors: Jing Zhao, Ming Qiao Zhu, Jia Jing Chen, Yang Yang Yang, Yue Tang, Zhen Yu Cai, Yang Yi Shen, Chao Hong He

Abstract: Alumina was modified by doping with metal oxide and then used as the support for depositing gold by an impregnation-ammonia washing method...

Authors: Xian Da He, Hong Qi Ye, Qin Kuai, Kai Hua Xu, Hong Tao Han

Abstract: A novel solid-liquid reaction route has been developed to synthesize rodlike submicron cobalt oxalate via dissolution of cobalt powders by...

Authors: Li Na Wang, Xiang Rong Liu, Chun Yang, Jie Huang, Hui Wu Cai

Abstract: A new compound, 2-carboxylbenzaldehyde-2-pyrroleformylhydrazone (C13H11N3O3), was synthesized by...

Authors: Zhi Gang Jia, Kuan Kuan Peng, Yan Hua Li, Rong Sun Zhu

Abstract: Magnetic mesoporous Mn-Fe oxide catalyst with high surface area was prepared by calcining the corresponding oxalate precursor. The calcined...

Authors: Zhi Chen Luo

Abstract: A simple synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinones from the aldehyde, 1,3-dicarbonyl compound, and urea (thiourea) using nanostructural zinc...


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