Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Nong Cheng, Qing Shan Liu, Bing Qiang Wang, Shi Qing Zheng

Abstract: An experiment of the preparation of mono-ethanolamine, die-ethanolamine, and tri-ethanolamine from aqueous ammonia and ethylene oxide is...

Authors: Guo Gang Qiao, Da Jun Yuan

Abstract: The type and performance indicators of the grout contribute great impact on the grouting effect. Uniform test method was adopted on the mix...

Authors: Yue Long Liu, Gou Sheng Liu

Abstract: Ammonium polyphosphate (APP) is an effective intumescent flame retardant, it has different crystalline forms and therefore, different...

Authors: Yue Long Liu, Gou Sheng Liu

Abstract: APP-V can be transformed to APP-I and APP-II, and APP-II can also be transformed to APP-V. However, the crystalline transformation process...

Authors: Xiang Yu Cao, Jian Li Liu, Xiu Li Lu, Tie Min Li, Wei Wang, Qi Jiu Li

Abstract: The interaction between 3, 5-dinitrobenzoic acid and bovine serum albumin (BSA) was studied by the method of fluorescence spectroscopy. By...

Authors: Chang E Fu, Yu Ming Zhou, Guang Qing Liu

Abstract: A copolymer of acrylic acid (AA)/allylpolyethoxy carboxylate (APEC) was synthesized, characterized and examined as a non-phosphorous...

Authors: Kun Mei Su, Zhen Huan Li, Ming Ding, Xiao Long He

Abstract: Organotin catalysts were modified with sodium molybdate, sodium tungstate and sodium vanadate, and the modified organotin catalysts...

Authors: Qian Yang, Ying Juan Fu, Meng Hua Qin

Abstract: A range of novel cationic starlike polymers (poly(Pen-g-MeDMA) were synthesized through atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) by...

Authors: Wen Xia Liu, Feng Shan Zhang

Abstract: Various negatively charged and positively charged inorganic nano-materials have been suggested to constitute the so-called microparticle...

Authors: Biao Li, Yun Wu Zheng, Zhi Feng Zheng, Xiong Yue Zhao

Abstract: Boron modified phenolic (BPF) resins with different boron amounts were synthesized with a special synthesis technology. The structure of BPF...


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