Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Wen Ding, Qiao Fen Cai, Lan Fen Li

Abstract: CaZn2(PO4)2 and β-BaB2O4 nanopowders were firstly synthesized by an ultrasonic-aid...

Authors: Heng Quan, Zhen Ya Gu

Abstract: Multiphase, segmented polyurethanes with mixed soft segment phase were prepared from 4,4’- diphenylmethane diisocyanate (Pure MDI),...

Authors: Qi Wei Zhang, Yao Cheng, Wang Ya Guang

Abstract: Studied the craft of synthesize 2-ChloroNicotinicacid, which was 3-Dimethylamino -acrolein and Eethylcyanoacetate as raw materials,...

Authors: Tao Tao Qiang, Xiang Luo, Long Fang Ren, Xue Chuan Wang, Bao Yuan He

Abstract: The silicone succinate surfactant (PMPS) was synthesized by ring-opening reaction using polyether alcohol amine modified polysilosane (PAPS)...

Authors: Qi Cheng Liu, Yong Jian Liu

Abstract: Oil component and molecule structures is studied by application of gas chromatogram, infrared spectrum and nuclear magnetic resonance to...

Authors: Li Guo Ma, He Liu, Ju Jun Li, Yan Feng He

Abstract: Direct electroless nickel plating on n-Si(100) wafers in alkaline solutions was performed without any activation procedure in advance. The...

Authors: Si Fang Li, Jean Marie Vianney Mujyambere, Miao Liu

Abstract: Granular carboxymethyl starch (CMS) with high degree of substitution (DS) was synthesized using a modified dry process. The...

Authors: Song Tao Tian, Xiu Lan Yu, Li Qing Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, photometric analysis reagents of rare earths and their application in metallurgical analysis at home and abroad in the past...

Authors: Wei Wang, Bo Yan, Jun Jiang, Guan Yu Yang

Abstract: p-Nitrobenzoic acid could be efficiently prepared from aerobic oxidation of p-nitrotoluene using manganese dioxide...

Authors: Hong Mei Yu, Hai Feng Li, Hong Min Jia, Xiu Hui Zhu

Abstract: The important pyrimidine intermediate 2-chloro-4,6-diamino-5-cyanopyrimidine was prepared by the cyclization of sodium salt of...


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