Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Guo, Jin Zhou Chen, Jie Li, Xin Fa Li, Ming Jun Niu

Abstract: A rod/coil nanocomposite was prepared by a reactive mixing process of Poly(p-phenylenebenzobisthiazole) (PBZT) and Nylon66 in...

Authors: Chun Wei Li, Qun Li Zhang, Shu Yan Xu, Gui Ying Wang

Abstract: Silicon oxide thin films have many excellent properties such as hardness, optical,dielectric properties,wear-resistance and...

Authors: Feng Jiang, Rui Liang

Abstract: CNG cylinder is a sort of used storage device in CNG filling stations. As a gas storage container with high-pressure, it will lead to...

Authors: Yang Li, Yong Li, Rui Li, Dong Wang

Abstract: The raw material is the fused grain magnesia-chrome and Indian concentrated chrome ore . The grain size proportion which is used in the...

Authors: Abdul Amir Hassan Kadhum, Mohd Najib Baharu, Mohd Hilmi Mahmood

Abstract: Elastic polyester from glycerol and azelaic acid with different molar ratio was synthesized by simple catalyst-free esterification reaction....

Authors: Jin Cheng Li, Zhen Liu

Abstract: Recently, with the advent of printers with more than four colorants, the development of selection and optimization for colorant has been an...

Authors: Yong He Xie, Wei Wang, Heng Zhang

Abstract: The fatigue strength study of the hatch corner is carried out ,based on the S-N curve method and the assumption of the linear cumulative...

Authors: Sen Wang, Zhi Hui Li, Xin Liu, Huan Zhang

Abstract: Oxygen diffusion in MgO stabilized zirconia has been studied by molecular dynamics simulation method with MOLDY software. The results...

Authors: Qing Jun Ding, Yu Wang, Xiu Lin Huang

Abstract: By using XRD, isothermal microcalorimetry, ESEM, EDS, NMR, the effects silica fume and polycarboxylate superplasticizer (PC) on the...

Authors: Xue Ni Zhao, Bin Zhou, Wu Yong Wan, Shan Qi Zeng, Wei Ren

Abstract: Formula for glass fiber/microcellular unsaturated polyester composites (GF/MCUP) using supersaturated gas technology was studied by the way...


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