Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qun Qin, Tian Guo Wang, Wen Jun Zhang

Abstract: WO3-based capacitor-varistor ceramics doped with Er2O3 were prepared and the microstructures and nonlinear...

Authors: Li Qiu Su, Li Ben Li

Abstract: The modified Landau-Devonshire thermodynamic theory has been used to investigate the ferroelectricity of Pb(Zr0.7,...

Authors: Ming Di Han, Chun Ying Han, Li Dan Zhang, Gan Qi

Abstract: An Environmental friendly sand-fixing agent of water-borne polymer(graft copolymer of starch with acrylic acid and acrylamide)was...

Authors: Yu Wang, Min Huang, Xiang Xu Xie

Abstract: Rapid low-temperature pack aluminizing was achieved on pipeline steel X80 through combined effect of surface refinement treatment and...

Authors: Ming Tang, Yong Tian, Xiao Bo Mu, Ming Jiang

Abstract: For further research on durability of concrete material under salt frozen conditions in cold area, the non air-entraining concrete with...

Authors: Xi An Li, Qiang Xu, Hong Zhou Lin, Wan Jun Ye

Abstract: Sub-ground erosion often resulted in severe problems in various engineering constructions, most of which is due to the sub-erosion in loess....

Authors: Jing Gao

Abstract: Casein grafted acrylonitrile fibers were treated by different concentration alkali solutions. The fibers component were investigated using...

Authors: Xuan Chen, Chang Ming Nie, Song Nian Wen

Abstract: A new molecular quantum topological index QT was constructed by molecular topological methods and quantum mechanics (QM), which together...

Authors: Shui Dong Zhang, Xiu Li Wang, Yu Zhong Wang

Abstract: Dialdehyde starch has been used to improve comprehensive properties of thermoplastic starch (TPS) in this study. Dialdehyde sweet potato...

Authors: Dong Yang Li, Xian Guo Li, Li Juan Feng, Chuan Hui Gao

Abstract: Magnesium hydroxide sulfate hydrate (MHSH) whiskers were prepared using brine, sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfate as raw materials by...


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