Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hong Ding, Yuan Hong Tang, Yang Yang

Abstract: A novel SiO2 hierarchical nanostructure standing on carbon nanowires is synthesized by using the hydrothermal method without any...

Authors: Han Wang, Zuo Yi Yang, Jin Yong Liu, Gao Feng Zheng, Ling Min Chen

Abstract: High filtration efficiency of nanofibrous membrane has been proved in air filtration area, but, in addition to filtration efficiency,...

Authors: Fan Xiao, Fei Gao, Zhi Xian Zhang, Wei Li

Abstract: Alginate/silica composite beads of mm-size for biomedical applications were prepared from water glass and sodium alginate via a simple...

Authors: De Hui Sun, Ji Lin Zhang, De Xin Sun

Abstract: The magnetic MFe2O4 (M=Co, Ni) nanoparticles are synthesized using a hydrothermal synthesis method in ethylene glycol...

Authors: Qian Qian Qi, Ji Da Chen, Su Zhao Gao, Juan Bu, Zhi Ping Qiu

Abstract: Tissue engineering involves the use of living cells and cell scaffolds to develop biological substitutes for tissue replacements, it is one...

Authors: Lu Wang, Zhen Ran Xia, Lin Lin Lv, Qiang Tang, Ming Zhong Li

Abstract: The Bombyx mori silk fibroin microspheres with controllable size were prepared by electrostatic spraying and freeze-drying method....

Authors: Wen Rui Zheng, Min Zhang, Jing Li Xu, Tao Huang

Abstract: We present a novel method to synthesize mesoporous nickel siliceous coated on CNTs with larger hole based on the mesoporous silica coated on...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Feng, Jia Zhe Guo, Ya Dong Li, Yan Lin Huang

Abstract: A bioactive Si-Ca-P system (designated 58S) wet gel was prepared via a sol-gel method. The wet gel was reacted continuously in 0.25M...

Authors: Ru Lin Li, Lin Wang, Gang Xue

Abstract: A novel compound N-benzoyl-N'-(4-chlorobenzamido) thiourea was prepared from benzoyl isothiocyanate which was obtained from benzoyl chloride...

Authors: Wen Jun Fa, Pin Jiang Li, Yan Ge Zhang, Li Li Guo, Jia Fan Guo, Feng Ling Yang

Abstract: BiOI nanolamellas and BiSI nanowires were synthesized using Bi(NO3)3·5H2O, (NH2)2CS...


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