Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Cao, Li Xian Sun, Ting Zhou, Yong Feng Luo, Ju Lan Zeng, Shu Long, Ji Shan Li

Abstract: An electronic detection method for DNA molecules based on an extended gate field effect transistor (EGFET) sensing chip has been presented...

Authors: Yuan Yuan Kong, Hao Zhou

Abstract: Nano-sized composite magnetic particles MgO /Fe were in-situ combustion synthesized at 620°Cfor the Mg-70.9wt%Fe3O4 system. In this paper,...

Authors: Zi Ye Wang, Kang Wang, Xue Mei Ma

Abstract: Microchips appear to offer important opportunities for modern research. Microchips based on gold magnetic nanoparticles make manipulation of...

Authors: Song Ping Mo, Ying Chen, Li Si Jia, Xing Li, Xiang Long Luo

Abstract: The solidification behaviors of titania(TiO2)-water nanofluid and deionized water (DI water) were investigated using...

Authors: Pei Qing La, Xin Guo, Yang Yang, Chun Jie Cheng, Xue Feng Lu, Yu Peng Wei

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk nanocrystalline Fe3Al based alloy with 10 wt. % Mn prepared by aluminothermic...

Authors: Xiang Hua Gao, Li Qiao Wei, Jing Wang, Bing She Xu

Abstract: Stable silver nanoparticles were synthesized from AgNO3 through a simple green route using biodegradable and renewable starch as...

Authors: Ji Yan Liu, Xue Qing Liu

Abstract: A biodegradable gradient polymeric membrane based on chitosan (CS) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) has been prepared by microwave technique. The...

Authors: Hong Chen, Jian Min Hao, Dong Xiao Li, Lian Ping Li

Abstract: In this paper, the magnesium alloy AZ91D as biological implant material was treated by micro-arc oxidation. The effects on the coating...

Authors: Jian Ping Hu, Mei Yu, Jian Hua Liu, Song Mei Li, Jun Xiu Shi

Abstract: In this article, preparation approach of a novel fluorocarbon nano material was described. The molecule structure, thermal properties and...

Authors: Jun Min Ji

Abstract: Scorbyl palmitate is a safty and highly efficient lipophilic antioxidant.It is produced by a novel ionic liquid method: L-ascorbic acid was...


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