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Authors: Feng Tsai Weng, Fang Chang Hsu, Kuei Shu Hsu, Chi Ting Ho
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:In this paper, a practical micromachining technology was applied for the fabrication of a micro drill using electrochemical etching process....
Authors: Qi Lin, Zhao Hong
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The cracking mechanism of pressure vessel because of stress corrosion is analyzed, which under the high temperature and high pressure aqueous...
Authors: Jia Ying Sun, Fu Dan Chen
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:To reduce the cost and improve concrete performance, massive admixtures were needed to be added to the concrete. With the research going, the...
Authors: Ching Wen Lou, Chia Chang Lin, Wen Hao Hsing, Chao Chiung Huang, Yen Min Chien, Jia Horng Lin
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:In this research, the nonwoven fabrics were made of 50 % high-tenacity polyester fiber and 50 % low melting polyester fiber, after which the...
Authors: Le Chen, Chun Hua Lu, Yuan Zheng Zhao, Wen Yan Zhang, Ya Ru Ni, Zhong Zi Xu
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Layered SmBaCo2O5+δ with the cation-ordered double perovskite structure were synthesized by the solid-state...
Authors: Zhi Ming Zhou, Li Wen Tang, Wei Jiu Huang, Jian Jun Hu, Tao Zhou, Kang Chen, Cheng Yun Peng, Hua Xia
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Microstructure of Cr-rich phase in undercooled hypereutectic Cu95Cr5 alloys was studied by using arc melting,...
Authors: Zhi Ming Zhou, Wei Jiu Huang, Li Wen Tang, Tao Zhou, Xiao Ping Li, Jing Luo, Cheng Yun Peng, Jie Zhan
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Phase selection of undercooled Cu85Cr15 composites was analyzed by using different solidification conditions. The...
Authors: Zhao Lian Zhu, Ai Min Li, Lei Yan, Chun Jin Wu, Hai Ling Wang, Yan Yua Xu
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:Activated carbons with good spherical shape were prepared from polystyrene-derived ion exchange resin D001 having various divalent cations of...
Authors: Shao Guo Wen, Yan Shen, Ji Hu Wang, Hing Bo Liu, Qian Xu, Shi Gao Song
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The properties of UHMW-PE film produced by hot compression molding and films modified by acid and anti-static agent were characterized. The...
Authors: Zhen Fa Liu, Han Shuo Liu, Li Hui Zhang, Mei Fang Yan
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The synergistic scale inhibition effect of rare-earth permanent magnetic material and polyaspartic acid is studied. The performance of...
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