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Authors: Yuan Lian, Hong Mei Wang, Da Peng Zhou, Dan Liu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:A fragrance, jasmine was encapsulated into β-cyclodextrin to prepare microcapsules that can sustain the release of the fragrance and...
Authors: Ying Xu, Hua Gao, Li Guang Zhu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The theoretical decomposition voltage (EMF) for substances in FeS-CaCl2-NaCl-KCl system was figured out. The results indicate that...
Authors: Li Wang, Wen Fu, Li Chen
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The effect of discharge parameters (the electrode distance, the electrolyte volume) of the plasma electrolytic oxidation on the magnesium...
Authors: Guang Ping Cheng, Yi Zhu He
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Ni-Al intermetallic compound coatings no visible cracks, pores or inclusions are prepared on mild steel substrate by Laser- cladding in situ...
Authors: Min Yen Yeh, Dong Sing Wuu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) prepared by sol-gel spin-coating deposition was treated with post-sulfurization in a sulfur vapor...
Authors: Hui Min Gu, Wei Wang, Yu Chun Zhai
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Taking β-Ni(OH)2 powder as raw material and K2S2O8 as oxidant, β-NiOOH was prepared through...
Authors: Ya Mei Wang, Xi Ming Wang, Xue Qi Li
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:An important way of conservation and protection of forest resources is wood preservative treatment. Currently, chemical preservatives are...
Authors: Huai Xiang Li, Qing Yuan Wang, Qing Qing Wei, Lu Sheng Chen
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:In this work, a unique electrode based on aminopropyl-triethoxysilane ( APTS)-coated porous silicon(PS) substrate has been fabricared and...
Authors: Hui Bin Xu, Quan Xiang Luo, Jin Ying He, Bo Fang Zhou, You Liang Zeng, Chang Hua Du
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:The semi-solid brazing process of SiCp/A356 composites and 2024 aluminum alloy using Zn-Al eutectic filler metal at 450 °C has...
Authors: Li Gong Zhang, Gui Mei Zhao, Xiao Ming Lai
4 Material Protection Technology
Abstract:In this paper, Aluminum trioxide ceramic coatings were grown on surfaces of 2024 Aluminum alloys by micro-plasma oxidation in an aluminate...
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