Advanced Materials, CEAM 2011

Volumes 239-242

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Fang Xu, Wen Chen, Jing Zhou, Chang Ping Yang

Abstract: Niobium doped Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 fiber/epoxy resin 1-3 composites with different ceramic volume fraction of 10-85% were fabricated by...

Authors: Man Hong Hu, Yong Hu

Abstract: The effect of cold rolling on thermal stability of bulk Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 metallic glass at room...

Authors: Li Ju Tan, He Dong Wang, Jiang Tao Wang

Abstract: Schiff base of chitosan was obtained by the reaction of chitosan and aromatic aldehyde, and then Schiff base of chitosan reacted with methyl...

Authors: Ling Bin Kong, Rui Juan Bai, Yong Chun Luo, Long Kang

Abstract: Nanostructured ε-manganese dioxide films are deposited directly on three-dimensional nickel foam (NF) from 0.25 M...

Authors: Cheng Gang Ding

Abstract: This paper has examined the hardening effect and mechanism of explosive working on high-manganese steel. According to the experiment result,...

Authors: Feng Ge Gao, Yan Hong Tian, Xue Jun Zhang

Abstract: Polythionphene (PTH)/polyaniline (PANI)/activated carbon (AC) composites as electrode materials for supercapacitors were synthesized by...

Authors: Bing Yan Jiang, Lei Chen, Dai Bing Li, Stefan Kirchberg

Abstract: In this paper reflow process is integrated into LIGA process in order to realize three dimensional fabrication. The melting and deformation...

Authors: Su De Ma, Guo Lin Song, Zong Cheng Miao, Deng Wu Wang

Abstract: Microencapsulated phase change material (MEPCM) was successfully prepared by using paraffin as the core material and PMMA as shell material....

Authors: Qing Yun Chen, Xiao Wen Jiang

Abstract: Porous carbon film was prepared from polyimide (PI) containing nickel particles by heat-treatment at different temperature. The prepared...

Authors: Chien Min Cheng, Shih Fang Chen, Jen Hwan Tsai, Kai Huang Chen, Hsiu Hsien Su

Abstract: Lead-free potassium sodium niobate ceramic thin films were synthesized using rf magnetron sputtering technology for MFIS structures. The...


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