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Authors: Xue Feng Xu, Ning Li, Gao Chao Wang, Hong Bo Dong
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:A thermal-mechanical coupled analysis of superplastic differential temperature deep drawing (SDTDD) with the MARC finite element code is...
Authors: Zhi Guo Lu, Jian Ping Lin, Dan Dan Hua
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The bonded structures in vehicles are usually in different enclosure conditions. A finite element (FE) model, based on fluid-solid coupling...
Authors: Jian Xin Zhang, Ai Hua Gao
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The method to improving surface corrosion resistance of 6063 aluminum alloy was studied, and the mechanism of surface corrosion resistanc was...
Authors: Peng Wen, Qi Lin Mei, Xiao Qin Yue, Meng Xin Liu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:To improve brittleness and optimize interface of glass-fiber/PVC composites, reinforcing and toughening technologies for glass-fiber/PVC...
Authors: Jian Feng Zhu, Wen Wen Yang, Shao Dan Li
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:TiAl/Ti5Si3 in situ composites were successfully fabricated by reactive hot-press method from powder mixtures of Ti, Al...
Authors: Xi Jing Wang, Bo Qiang Li, Chang Qing Zhang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Dissimilar metal of Steel and Magnesium alloy by friction stir spot welding is studied. Based on using orthogonal test method to optimize the...
Authors: Xi Song, Shi Rong Li, Yong Gang Zhao
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:It is assumed that the material properties of arches vary with the thickness direction as a power function. Based on Kirchhoff’s assumption...
Authors: Ai Jun Yan, La Jun Feng, Wen Ning Shen, Zi Peng Wang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:According to the low current efficiency of magnesium sacrificial anode, magnesium sacrificial anode material with gadolinium addition was...
Authors: Li Jun Li, Jian Zhou, Zi Cheng Gao, Yi Hua Hu, Ke Cheng
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:For obtaining higher quality casting, the lost foam casting is used to produce reaper underpan. While the raw materials are selected, the...
Authors: Yu Hua Guo, Jian Jun Guo, Zhen Huang, Li Jun Teng
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Nano-structured magnesium hydroxide (nano-MH) has been added into LDPE/LLDPE, the technological parameters, flame and mechanical properties,...
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