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Authors: Shu Chen, Quan He, Jian Tang, Shan Bai, Yun Fei Long
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Fine CdS nanodots (~5 nm) have been prepared in aqueous solution under the control of ds-DNA via a novel alternating dialysis procedure,...
Authors: Yan Zi Yin, Ji Hui Wang, Han Li, Jiu Xiao Sun, Heng Tian, Yun Dong Ji
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The optical fibers with epoxy acrylates and urethane acrylates UV-curable coatings were embedded in composites. It’s found that after...
Authors: Ling Ling Zhu, Pei Pei Xiao, Yi Tai Qian
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:In this study, papercut-like carbon sheets with an average size of about 20 nm in thickness have been successfully synthesized by the...
Authors: Hui Qiang Li, Long Fei Liu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:With the effects of electronic structure and atomic size being introduced, a revised model to calculate the viscosity of the bulk metallic...
Authors: Yan Hua Wang, Xi Wen Song, Fen Zhou, Jian Quan Gao, Sheng Li An
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Sm0.5-xBaxSr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ powders were synthesized by a sol-gel method....
Authors: Bu Xi Bian, Yi Hua Liu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Coating craft process is often used on the hole surface, thus it must affect the degree of the stress concentration near the hole edge. Airy...
Authors: Jin Gao, Wen Juan Yuan, Xiao Gang Li, Ying Chao Li, Wei Zhu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Fluorocarbon coating was exposed to artificial weathering environment produced by the xenon lamp/condensation weathering equipment for...
Authors: Li Liu, Cheng Qiang Ren, Lei Gao
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Carbon dioxide corrosion is a very complex electrochemical process. Compositions of formation water in different gas and oil wells are...
Authors: Xiang Chao Zhang, Yun Long Li, Zhong Xin Lin, Shi Ying Zhang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:A SiO2/TiO2 supported on glass fibers photocatalyst with visible light activity were synthesized by sol-gel technology,...
Authors: Wen Jing Xing
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The cavitation erosion behavior of ZQAl9-4-4-2 nickel-alum inium bronze in 2.4%NaCl solution was investigated by using a magnetostrictive –...
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