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Authors: Jie Ren, Shi Lin Yan, Mei Liu
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Stationary seal ring, the mainly units of mechanical seal, its anti-lacking function mostly depends on the material performances. For...
Authors: Shi Guang Shang, Ke Wei Xu, Ling Zhao, Geng Rong Chang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanocrystalline with different morphologies was successfully fabricated by solid-state reaction using aging Zn as precursor....
Authors: Li Zhen Wang, Yan Juan Han, Kai Qing Zhang, Kun Wang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The electrochemical behaviors of zinc electrode containing Bi, In and Al were tested to study aluminum acting on the electrochemical...
Authors: Mei Wang, Yun Chu Hu, Zi Zhi Huang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Variation law of combustion performance of glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites under different heat fluxes was studied. Final result...
Authors: Jian Quan Li, Ming Zhu Gong, Guo Zhong Li
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:A novel compound gypsum waterproof agent made of emulsified stearic acid, alunite and naphthalene were studied, which could modify the...
Authors: Wen Yan Bi, Xue Mao Guan, Jian Feng Wan, Xiao En Yang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:As a good insulator, the surface resistance of polyurethane is large and the conductivity is poor, which made it easy to produce static...
Authors: Xiao Chun Cao, Miao Chen, Hong Yan Guo, Jing Wang
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:HPAM with MW of 3×106 was found suitable to simulate the composition of the formation water in Daqing Oilfield. PAC, CPAM and ZTP...
Authors: Qing Ju Ning, Bang Qing Wang, Su Hang Gu, Fang Fang Guo
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The luminescent properties of Eu2+, Mn2+co-doped Ca2SiO3Cl2 phosphors synthesized by...
Authors: Ying Li, Wen Jun Zou, Bian Xiao Li, Qi Ming Dong
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:Nano-diamond/Ni and Ni coatings were prepared by brush plating. SEM and XRD methods were applied to investigate the morphology,...
Authors: Zhi Min Ding, Chang Bin Shen, Jun Shi Guan, Hong Gao
3 Energy Materials Technology
Abstract:The density and anodic potentiodynamic polarization (PDP) in different diluted acidic sulphate solution of the aluminum electrodeposion...
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