Micro and Nano Technology

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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.60-61

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Authors: Yan Xing, Xiao Li Qiu

Abstract: This paper introduces a octree search Kinetic Monte Carlo(OS-KMC) that combines the topological requirements for representing an evolving...

Authors: Yong Li Yang, Shu Ying Cheng, Song Lin Lai

Abstract: Silver-doping in SnS films can improve the semiconducting properties of SnS films. Based on our previous research, SnS:Ag thin films were...

Authors: Min Wei, H. Deng, H. Chen, J.J. Chen

Abstract: Mg-doped (≤15at%) ZnO thin films were prepared on quartz glass substrates by sol-gel method using a spinning-techniques. The films were...

Authors: Zhao Dai, Ping Li, Ji Mei Zhang, Shi Chao Xu, Ning Guo, Guo Zheng, Bo Sun

Abstract: A kind of novel quantum dots (QDs) with poly(4-vinylpyridine) (PVPy) as shell and CdTe QDs as core was presented in this work. This...

Authors: Ren Cheng Jin, Wu Jin Zhang, Zhe Nan Tang, Jia Qi Wang, Ming Liang Shao

Abstract: The effect of micro-hotplate (MHP) thermal deformation on the signal output of the MHP-based micro gas pressure sensor is investigated....

Authors: Su Su Zhao, Qin Lu, Dong Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells(VSMCs) into the sub-intimal space play an important role in intimal thickening...

Authors: Xue Jin Shen, Wei Jun Qi

Abstract: An experimental analysis of the influence of the bumps on the surface forces in micro gap plates is presented. Because of extremely small...

Authors: Yu Liu, Zhi Yu Wen, Hong Yun Yang

Abstract: The stiffness of microstructure is an important parameter of the microsensor. It is usually obtained by FEM approach, which is difficult to...

Authors: Yu Hua Jiang, Ji Mei Zhang, Zhao Dai, Shi Chao Xu, Yong Yin, Guo Zheng, Bo Sun

Abstract: In this article, a novel kind of nanomaterials called CdTe/PAA/P-4-VP quantum dots (QDs) was studied. CdTe quantum dots were synthesized by...

Authors: Wan Feng Lin, Wen Zhong Lou, Jing Xu, Ren Long Song, Liang Hu

Abstract: : It is a test of sound transmission characteristic of PTFE Micro-aperture Membrane,through it we found that the PTFE Micro-aperture...


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