Micro and Nano Technology

Volumes 60-61

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.60-61

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Authors: Li Tian, Wei Wang, Xiao Wei Liu, Ying Zhang, Shu Yi Ji

Abstract: A new low cost high performance PMMA micropump, developed for microfluidic system, is presented. According to the orifice flow theory, a...

Authors: Li Qun Du, Li Chuan Yu, Lei Song, Chong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, an effective method is presented to improve thickness uniformity in nickel electroforming process. In most electroforming...

Authors: Jia Chou Wang, Wei Bin Rong, Li Ning Sun, Xin Xin Li

Abstract: An integrated micro xy-stage is designed and fabricated for application in nanometer-scale operation and nanometric positioning precision....

Authors: Ya Fei Zhang, Wei Zheng Yuan, Hong Long Chang, Jing Hui Xu

Abstract: Model order reduction is an effective method to generate macromodels for system-level simulation. But it is difficult to deal with the...

Authors: Wei Qin, Wei Zheng Yuan, Hong Long Chang, Liang Xue, Guang Min Yuan

Abstract: In the paper, an attitude and heading reference system based on MIMU/magnetometers with moderate accuracy is presented. To meet the...

Authors: Le Lu, Jian Zhu, Shi Xin Jian, Chen Chen

Abstract: . A Bulk RF MEMS switch is present in this paper. The beam structure and transmission line are separated fabricated on silicon and gallium...

Authors: Mei Liu, Jian Zhu, Shi Xing Jia, Min Zhuo, Le Lu, Quan Cheng Gong

Abstract: We report our efforts towards fabricating nanomechanical resonators patterned by optical lithography in silicon nitride. Optical lithography...

Authors: Quan Cheng Gong, Jian Zhu, Shi Xing Jia, Jing Wu

Abstract: This paper presents a kind of fine polishing technique that adopts three-step polishing procedure and keeping-wafer-wet method. In order to...

Authors: Bing Mo, Xiao Wei Liu, Xiao Yun Tan, Wei Ping Chen, Liang Yin

Abstract: Quadrature error and Coriolis offset are main errors of micro-gyroscopes which caused by manufacturing imperfections. They deteriorate the...

Authors: Jian Zhong Yang, Li Chao Pan, C.L. Kang, Gang Liu, Hui Juan Li, Z. You, D.H. Ren, Y.C. Tian

Abstract: The MEMS fluxgate magnetic sensor which is characterized by its small mass, smart volume, high sensitivity and outstanding temperature...


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