Micro and Nano Technology

Volumes 60-61

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.60-61

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Authors: Chun Guang Suo, Xiao Wei Liu, Xi Lian Wang

Abstract: Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) is the key component of direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC), the structure and its preparation methods may...

Authors: Jian Hua Tong, Yu Sun

Abstract: Microlenses are important components in optical data interconnects and MEMS-based microscopy imaging. Several microfabrication processes...

Authors: Ying Zhan Yan, Shu Bin Yan, Guo Qin Jiang, Zhe Ji, Shao Hui Wang, Ji Jun Xiong, Wen Dong Zhang

Abstract: Planar Microtoroid cavities have important application in many researching and application domains due to their ultrahigh quality factor...

Authors: Guang Jun Liu, An Lin Wang, Zi Yi Yu, Xing Yang, Tao Jiang

Abstract: This paper proposes a rapid dynamic analysis method for microgyroscope using system vibration modes to solve the problems concerning to the...

Authors: Han Chen, Hua Rong, Ming Wang

Abstract: The stress gradient of a deposited thin-film is a mechanical parameter that affects the performance of MEMS devices, so in-situ measuring...

Authors: Chang Zhi Shi, Xiao Wei Liu, Rong Yan Chuai

Abstract: The previous research showed that highly doped polysilicon nanofilms (PSNFs) have a high gauge factor and stable temperature...

Authors: Yuan Xun Liao, Fu Ting Yi

Abstract: We use two-dimensional FDTD (Finite difference time domain) method to simulate light transmitting in Si nano-pillar arrays and get some...

Authors: Hua Jun Fang, Xing Ming Liu, Li Tian Liu

Abstract: a new structure of the uncooled amorphous silicon (α-Si) infrared detector has been fabricated and characterized. The structure with thermal...

Authors: Wei Sun, Hai Sheng San, Ying Xian Duo, Xu Yuan Chen

Abstract: A novel electrode of supercapacitor was developed with a three dimensional (3D) structure which results in a significant increase of the...

Authors: Gai Hong Liu, Yong Li, Xu Peng Chen, Shan Jin Lv

Abstract: In micro electrochemical machining (micro ECM), side-insulation of tool electrode can significantly improve the machining accuracy,...


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