Micro and Nano Technology

Volumes 60-61

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.60-61

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Authors: Chun Yang Liu, Xing Fu, Yong Wu, Feng Ming Sun, Xiao Tang Hu

Abstract: We study some microstructures fabricated by designed 355nm ultraviolet nanosecond pulse laser micromachining system, which consists of...

Authors: Hong Yu Wang, Dun Wen Zuo, Shou Xin Yu, Dan Zhang

Abstract: The compound of micron powders and nanometer powders is a magnificent step in the application and development of metal matrix composite...

Authors: Ben Dong Liu, De Sheng Li, Jia Hui Yang

Abstract: The armature fabricated with the sacrificial layer techniques is an important part of micro electromagnetic relay. So the sacrificial layer...

Authors: Shi Chao Xu, Cui Cui Yao, Ji Mei Zhang, Zhao Dai, Guo Zheng, Bo Sun, Shu Qing Sun, Qing Han, Fei Hu, Hong Ming Zhou

Abstract: Core-shell quantum dots are colloidal particles consisting of a semiconductor core and a shell material as an outer coating layer. It can be...

Authors: Jie Chun Pang, Ji Mei Zhang, Yi Yun Xiao, Zhao Dai, Shi Chao Xu, Ning Guo, Guo Zheng

Abstract: A novel electrochemical DNA biosensor system based on multi-walled carbon nanotubes(MWCNTs) was presented in this paper. In order to make...

Authors: Jing Qiu Liang, Yan Qing Zhu, Nai Di Cui, Zhong Zhu Liang, Zhi Chun Le, Fu Ting Yi, Feng Jie Hou, Pei Ping Zhu, Wen Dong, Wei Biao Wang

Abstract: Based on the refraction theory of the lens, the SU-8 photoresist hard X-ray hourglass lenses with three different structure parameters are...

Authors: Bin Yan, Wei Zheng Yuan, Yi Ting Yu, Lan Lan Wang, Da Yong Qiao, Tai Ping Li

Abstract: Based on a new micro programmable grating with changeable blazed angle, the control system was recently designed and developed, enabling the...

Authors: Li Tian, Xiao Ying Li, Da Yong Qiao, Bin Yan

Abstract: A new type of continuous face-sheet micro deformable mirror was designed and fabricated based on SOI (Silicon-on-Insulator) technology for...

Authors: Guang Yi Shi, Yue Xian Zou, Wen J. Li, Yu Feng Jin, Pei Guan

Abstract: This paper introduces a novel approach for human motion recognition via motion feature vectors collected by A Micro Inertial Measurement...

Authors: Qiang Cao, Yi Xu, De Fu Song, Wei Wei Han, Xi Zhe Dong

Abstract: A microfluidic chip with in-situ prepared chitosan membrane immobilized with Glucose Oxidase was developed as glucose oxidase reactor to...


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