Silicon Carbide and Related Materials - 1999

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Authors: Sergey L. Rumyantsev, David C. Look, Michael E. Levinshtein, M. Asif Khan, G. Simin, V. Adivarahan, J. Molnar, Michael S. Shur
Authors: A. Suvkhanov, N. Parikh, I.O. Usov, J. Hunn, S. Withrow, D. Thomson, Thomas Gehrke, Robert F. Davis, L.Ya. Krasnobaev
Authors: L.S. Tan, A. Raman, K.M. Ng, S.J. Chua, A.T.S. Wee, S.L. Lim
Abstract: “removed due to double publication”. The original paper: Journal: Semiconductor Science and Technology Create an alertIssue Volume 15, Number 6 Citation: L S Tan et al 2000 Semicond. Sci. Technol. 15 585 doi: 10.1088/0268-1242/15/6/317 can be accesses at IOP:
Authors: Milan Pophristic, F.H. Long, C.A. Tran, Ian T. Ferguson
Authors: G.M. Smith, M.F. Chriss, F.D. Tamweber, K.S. Boutros, J.S. Flynn, D.M. Keogh
Authors: X.A. Cao, G.T. Dang, A.P. Zhang, F. Ren, Stephen J. Pearton, C.M. Lee, C.-C. Chuo, J.-I. Chyi, G.C. Chi, J. Han, S.N.G. Chu, R.G. Wilson
Authors: Jian Hui Zhao, Viktor Gružinskis, M. Weiner, M. Pan, P. Shiktorov, E. Starikov
Authors: S.T. Sheppard, K. Doverspike, M. Leonard, W.L. Pribble, S.T. Allen, John W. Palmour

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