Residual Stresses VII, ECRS7

Volumes 524-525

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: David G. Richards, Philip B. Prangnell, Philip J. Withers, Stewart W. Williams, Andrew Wescott, E.C. Oliver

Abstract: Finite element modelling has proved to be an effective tool for the investigation of trends effected by changing welding conditions. This...

Authors: A. Shterenlikht, Danut Stefanescu, Matthew E. Fox, Kerry Taylor, Joao Quinta da Fonseca, Andrew H. Sherry, Philip J. Withers

Abstract: This article presents the first part of a study on the interaction between residual stresses and crack driving force. Blunt notched CT...

Authors: Jeffrey Meng Lee Tan, Michael E. Fitzpatrick, Lyndon Edwards

Abstract: Exact closed-form stress intensity factor (SIF) solutions have been developed for a mode- I through-thickness cracks in an infinite plate....

Authors: Abel Cherouat, N. Belamri, Khemais Saanouni, P. Autesserre

Abstract: This work deals with the numerical simulation of 3D guillotining of sheet metal using anisotropic elastoplastic model accounting for...

Authors: M. Reda Berrahmoune, Sophie Berveiller, Karim Inal, Etienne Patoor

Abstract: In this study, residual stresses state at different scales in the 301LN unstable austenitic steel after deep drawing was determined. The...

Authors: Olivier Castelnau, Philippe Goudeau, G. Geandier, Nobumichi Tamura, Jean Luc Béchade, M. Bornert, D. Caldemaison

Abstract: The overall plastic behavior of polycrystalline materials strongly depends on the microstructure and on the local rheology of individual...

Authors: Raphaël Pesci, Karim Inal, Sophie Berveiller, Etienne Patoor, Jean Sébastien Lecomte, André Eberhardt

Abstract: A Kossel microdiffraction experimental set up is under development inside a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in order to determine the...

Authors: Adam Morawiec

Abstract: The ambiguity in determination of complete elastic strain tensor by convergent beam electron diffraction can be overcome by simultaneous...

Authors: J. Keller, A. Gollhardt, Dietmar Vogel, E. Auerswald, N. Sabate, J. Auersperg, Bernd Michel

Abstract: New challenges for design, manufacturing and packaging of MEMS/NEMS arise from the ongoing miniaturization process. Therefore there is a...

Authors: I. Altenberger, Yuji Sano, M.A. Cherif, Ivan Nikitin, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: Laser shock peening is a very effective mechanical surface treatment to enhance the fatigue behaviour of highly stressed components. In...


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