Residual Stresses VII, ECRS7

Volumes 524-525

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Koichi Akita, Masatoshi Kuroda, Philip J. Withers

Abstract: Residual stress induced by laser single pulse irradiation was analyzed using a dynamic finite element code, ABAQUS/Explicit. The effects of...

Authors: Koichi Akita, Yuji Sano, Kazuma Takahashi, Hirotomo Tanaka, Shin Ichi Ohya

Abstract: Laser peening has been applied to silicon nitride (Si3N4) ceramics without any pre-coating. X-ray diffraction study revealed that plastic...

Authors: Wolfgang Nierlich, Juergen Gegner, Mandy Brückner

Abstract: By X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurements, material conditions of rolling bearings are red that point to a variety of load possibilities...

Authors: Matthew E. Fox, Philip J. Withers

Abstract: The residual stresses around clearance-fit mechanical fasteners have been found to be similar to those around cold expanded holes where...

Authors: Choumad Ould, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Manuel François, Jean Louis Chaboche

Abstract: Experimental analysis can be very costly and time consuming when searching for the optimal process parameters of a new shot-peening...

Authors: Sébastien Rouquette, Emmanuelle Rouhaud, Hervé Pron, Manuel François, Christian Bissieux, Arjen Roos

Abstract: This work presents an experimental and numerical study of the thermo-mechanical problem of a steel plate impacted by a shot. The...

Authors: Rainer Krux, Werner Homberg, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: The further development of innovative forming processes like sheet metal hydroforming is only possible with the help of detailed knowledge...

Authors: J.C. Outeiro, Domenico Umbrello, Rachid M'Saoubi

Abstract: The reliability of a mechanical component depends to a large extent on the physical state of its surface layers. This state includes the...

Authors: Rim Dakhlaoui, Chedly Braham, Andrzej Baczmanski, Sebastian Wroński, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, E.C. Oliver

Abstract: The aim of this work is to study the influence of residual stresses on the properties of textured duplex stainless steel (DSS). The...

Authors: Christoph Genzel, Ingwer A. Denks, Manuela Klaus

Abstract: In April 2005 the materials science beamline EDDI (Energy Dispersive DIffraction), which the HMI operates at the Berlin synchrotron storage...


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