Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2006

Volumes 556-557

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Hung Weng, Rajat Mahapatra, Alton B. Horsfall, Nicolas G. Wright, Paul G. Coleman, C.P. Burrows

Abstract: The characteristic of trap assisted conduction and interface states for a Pd/TiO2/SiO2/SiC structure has been investigated at temperatures...

Authors: Ulrike Grossner, Marco Servidori, Marc Avice, Ola Nilsen, Helmer Fjellvåg, Roberta Nipoti, Bengt Gunnar Svensson

Abstract: Al2O3 grown by Atomic Layer Chemical Vapour Deposition (ALCVD) on n-type 4H-SiC with a nominal thickness of 100nm has been characterized by...

Authors: Anant K. Agarwal

Abstract: The last three years have seen a rapid growth of 600 V and 1200 V SiC Schottky diodes primarily in the Power Factor Correction (PFC)...

Authors: Alexander Mattausch, Oleg Pankratov

Abstract: Employing density functional theory we investigate the model interface between 1 × 1-6H-SiC{0001} surfaces and graphene layers. We find...

Authors: Michael R. Jennings, Amador Pérez-Tomás, D. Walker, Lin Zhu, Peter A. Losee, W. Huang, S. Balachandran, Owen J. Guy, James A. Covington, T. Paul Chow, Philip A. Mawby

Abstract: In this work, we have investigated triple and innovative multiple stacked contacts onto ptype SiC in order to evaluate whether or not there...

Authors: Thomas Seyller, Konstantin V. Emtsev, Florian Speck, Kun Yuan Gao, Lothar Ley

Abstract: We have studied the electronic structure of the interface between 6H-SiC{0001} and graphite. On n-type and p-type 6H-SiC(0001) we observe...

Authors: Yu Suzuki, Etsushi Taguchi, Shouhei Nagata, Masataka Satoh

Abstract: The specific contact resistance of Al, Ti and Ni ohmic contacts to N+ implanted 3C-SiC(100) has been investigated by means of TLM method....

Authors: Cyril Buttay, C. Mark Johnson, Jeremy Rashid, F. Udrea, G. Amaratunga, Peter Tappin, Nicolas G. Wright, Peter Ireland, Takeo Yamamoto, Yuuichi Takeuchi, Rajesh Kumar Malhan

Abstract: In this paper a novel approach to the design and fabrication of a high temperature inverter module for hybrid electrical vehicles is...

Authors: Yu Cao, S. Alfonso Pérez-García, Lars Nyborg

Abstract: This study deals with the interfacial reactions and electrical properties of Ta/4H-SiC contacts. Tantalum thin films (~100 nm) were...

Authors: Tae Hong Kim, Seung Yong Lee, Jang Sub Lee, Duk Il Suh, Nam Kyu Cho, Wook Bahng, Nam Kyun Kim, Sung Yong Choi, Hak Jong Kim, Sang Kwon Lee

Abstract: We investigated how surface roughness, intentionally induced by chemical-mechanical polishing, affects the formation of ohmic contacts to...


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