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Authors: Hui Feng Li, Yun Hua Huang, Xiu Jun Xing, Jia Su, Yue Zhang

Abstract: The electrical properties of single ZnO nanowire were researched in the chamber of a scanning electron microscope under high-vacuum...

Authors: Xian Zhong Sun, Jia You Feng

Abstract: Single crystal silicon (sc-Si) wafers are widely used as the precursors to prepare silicon nanowires (SiNWs) by employing a silver-assisted...

Authors: Bing Cong Zhang, Hong Ying Yu, Dong Bai Sun

Abstract: Three different kinds of morphologies including spherical, chainlike and wirelike cobalt nanopowders, have been synthesized by chemical...

Authors: Ze Zhang, Yue Fei Zhang, Kun Zheng, Yong Hai Yue, Li Hua Wang, Pan Liu, Xiao Dong Han

Abstract: Nanowires and nanofilms are fundamental building blocks of micro and nano-electronics for both of bottom-up and top-down technologies....

Authors: Ren Long Xin, Bo Li, Qing Liu

Abstract: In this study, a well-textured AZ31 Mg alloy sheet was friction stir (FS) processed, and the microstructure and texture evolution in various...

Authors: Nobuhiro Tsuji, Kenichi Hanazaki

Abstract: It was confirmed in the present study that deep drawing process in multi passes to produce fine wires of copper alloys can act as a kind of...

Authors: Minoru Umemoto, Bui Duc Long, Yoshikazu Todaka, Koichi Tsuchiya

Abstract: Among the various severe plastic deformation (SPD) processes, high pressure torsion (HPT) has several unique characteristics. These are...

Authors: Sri Lathabai, Margarita Vargas, Matthieu Larroque, Claude Urbani

Abstract: Commercially pure cast aluminium was subjected to equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at room temperature using routes A, Bc and C....

Authors: Hai Hong Chen, Sai Yi Li, Dong Hong Zhang, Xin Huang

Abstract: Equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) experiments were conducted on as-cast pure Cu, Cu–10%Zn, and Cu–30%Zn, using a 90 die for up to 4...

Authors: Núria Llorca-Isern, Thierry Grosdidier, Jose María Cabrera

Abstract: Mechanical properties such as hardness, mechanical strength or fatigue resistance are by far the most successful material behaviour improved...


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