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Authors: Takashi Mizuguchi, Ryota Oouchi, Rintaro Ueji, Yasuhiro Tanaka, Kazunari Shinagawa

Abstract: Fracture behaviour transitions due to change in the strain rate in steels with various Si content ranging from 2% to 5 wt% were studied....

Authors: Yasunori Harada, Toshiyuki Araki, Takahiro Tsuda

Abstract: The pure titanium long-cups were formed by preventing the seizing in cold multi-stage deep drawing processes. For the prevention, pure...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Li, Zhi Chao Zhang, Hai Yan Bao, Zhi Yang Zhou

Abstract: The seamless steel tube continuous rolling process with 8-stand full-floating mandrel is simulated with the aid of commercial FE code MSC....

Authors: Satoshi Semboshi, Hiroshi Numakura, Wei Lin Gao, Hisashi Suda, Akira Sugawara

Abstract: Aging solution-treated Cu-Ti alloys in a hydrogen atmosphere significantly improved their electrical conductivity without degradation of the...

Authors: Atsunori Kamegawa, Toru Iwaki, Masuo Okada

Abstract: Effects of hydrogenation process of the microstructure, electrical conductivity and mechanical properties for the Cu-(1~3) mass%Ti alloys...

Authors: Hoon Cho

Abstract: The development trend for diagnostics is reducing the diameter of coaxial signal cables that comprise the probe cable. The thinner...

Authors: Yasunori Harada

Abstract: The cold joining of dissimilar metal sheets using a shot peening process was investigated. In shot peening the substrate undergoes large...

Authors: Gang Wang, Xiao Ming Xiong, Yan Dong Liu, Chun Yan Wang, Yan Dong Wang, Liang Zuo

Abstract: The magnetic shape-memory alloy NiCoMnIn shows, in monocrystalline form, a large reversible magnetic-field-induced strain (MFIS). But it is...

Authors: Jin Wu Kang, Tian Jiao Wang, Hai Liang Yu, Tian You Huang, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: Hydraulic turbine band castings are susceptible to deformation in heat treatment process if their cooling is not well controlled. The...

Authors: Ma Qian

Abstract: Turnbull’s transformation nucleus model initiated the concept of a growth barrier for a spherical-cap crystal nucleus growing on a small...


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