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Authors: Xue Min Pan, Ning Zhao, Rui Fang Ding, Guang Lin Wei, Lai Wang

Abstract: The liquid structure of two lead-free solder molten alloys, Sn-0.5Cu and Sn-1.8Cu (wt.%), have been investigated using X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Takahisa Kose, Yasuhiro Uetani, Katsuyuki Nakajima, Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: Semi-solid slurry with fine solid granules for rheocasting was made from lead-free bismuth bronze by passing the low-superheat melt through...

Authors: Agustín Bravo, Rafael Schouwenaars, Víctor H. Jacobo, Armando Ortiz

Abstract: Mg-containing bronzes have received little attention in general technological applications due to their relatively complex processing...

Authors: Yoshiko Takamatsu, Hisao Esaka, Kei Shinozuka

Abstract: Sn-Ag-Cu alloys are considered one of the most favorable lead-free solder systems. In slowly-cooled eutectic Sn-Ag-Cu alloys, sometimes...

Authors: Jong Ho Kim, Myoung Gyun Kim, Joon Pyo Park, Gyu Chang Lee, Ju Bum Kim

Abstract: A new method and apparatus for the fabrication of high-quality, near net shaped aluminum alloy billets is developed by the combination of...

Authors: Wen Jing Yao, Nan Wang

Abstract: The Monte Carlo method with EAM potential is applied to simulate the liquid Al-Ce binary alloy system and the thermophysical properties...

Authors: Seijiro Maki, Masayuki Noda, Eitoku Nakanishi

Abstract: In casting of hyper-eutectic Al-Si alloys, primary Si grains often grow, which deteriorates mechanical properties of the castings. In this...

Authors: Rong Zhang, Li Min Zhang, Zhi Huai Yang, Lin Liu

Abstract: The relativity between the alloy melt state and solidification microstructure has been received great interesting recently. Some previous...

Authors: Hua Cui, L.G. Hou, Yuan Hua Cai, Ji Shan Zhang

Abstract: The hypereutectic Al-Si alloys with different Cr additions have been prepared by spray forming and cast processes. With adding Cr into...

Authors: Chun Wei Su, Peng Hooi Oon, Y.H. Bai, Anders W.E. Jarfors

Abstract: The liquid forging process has the flexibilities of casting in forming intricate profiles and features while imparting the liquid forged...


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