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Authors: Wei Min Zhao, Zhong Fang Shi, Zhi Feng Wang, Yong Yan Li, Jian Ding, Bo Young Hur, Rui Zhao

Abstract: The purpose of this research is to investigate effect of rare-earth elements (Y and Dy) on industrial pure Mg through the ignition point...

Authors: Shinichi Nishida, Kazuki Fukudome, J. Kudo, M. Motomura

Abstract: This study aims to produce magnesium alloy strip with boss and rib directly from molten metal. Magnesium alloy is the lightest structural...

Authors: Michael J. Bermingham, Stuart D. McDonald, Matthew S. Dargusch, David H. StJohn

Abstract: Grain refinement of titanium alloys during solidification is believed to have many benefits for processing and properties. Recent work has...

Authors: Thomas Fiedler, Graeme E. Murch, Irina V. Belova

Abstract: The Lattice Monte Carlo (LMC) method recently developed by the authors is an unusually powerful and flexible method in which a given...

Authors: Dong Pan, Qing Yan Xu, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: Ni3Al based superalloy has recently been used for the single crystal gas turbine blade. The grain selection behavior in grain selector...

Authors: Y.B. Chun, S. Lee Semiatin, Sun Keun Hwang

Abstract: The recrystallization behavior of cold-rolled, commercial-purity titanium was studied experimentally and with Monte-Carlo (MC) modeling....

Authors: Zhi Feng Zhang, Jun Xu, Xing Run Chen

Abstract: A computational model coupling electromagnetic stirring with a macroscopic heat and fluid flow in semisolid A357 alloy slurry preparation by...

Authors: Tetsuo Mohri

Abstract: Cluster Variation Method (CVM) has been widely recognized as one of the most reliable theoretical tools to study phase equilibria in...

Authors: Thomas Fiedler, Graeme E. Murch, Timo Bernthaler, Irina V. Belova

Abstract: This work addresses the numerical analysis of anisotropic composite structures for thermal energy storage and temperature stabilization. The...

Authors: Chang Bo Ke, Xiao Ma, Xin Ping Zhang

Abstract: This study presents the simulation of evolution of Ni4Ti3 variants during stress-assisted aging of NiTi alloys containing nano-scale pores...


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