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Authors: Hai Hao, Mouhamadou Diop, Shan Yao, Xing Guo Zhang

Abstract: Metal foams have both structural and functional properties, offer advantages in different fields such as automotive and aircraft etc., and...

Authors: Mariola Saternus, Jan Botor

Abstract: Both primary and secondary aluminium need to be refined. The most popular methods of aluminium refining is barbotage. This method is based...

Authors: Tomasz Merder

Abstract: The objective of the study is to diagnose the current condition of the two-strand tundish. The investigated object is a “T”-type tundish....

Authors: Tadanobu Inoue

Abstract: The groove design for creating ultrafine-grained low-carbon steel through a caliber rolling process was studied from the viewpoint of the...

Authors: Pei Wang, Na Min Xiao, Dian Zhong Li, Yi Yi Li

Abstract: Francis hydraulic turbine runner blade has a complex profile, which always causes severe and unpredictable deformation during the hot...

Authors: Cheng Fan Gu, László S. Tóth, Benoît Beausir, Tim Williams, Chris H.J. Davies

Abstract: A comparative experimental and simulation study of oxygen-free high conductivity copper produced by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)...

Authors: A. Krishnaiah, K. Kumaran, Chakkingal Uday

Abstract: Equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) is a severe plastic deformation (SPD) method for obtaining bulk nanostructured materials. The ECAE...

Authors: Chun Sheng Lu

Abstract: In the paper, the up-to-date advances in the statistical analysis of nano-mechanical measurements are briefly reviewed. It is shown that, by...

Authors: Toshihiro Kameda, Bao Rong Zhang

Abstract: In order to study the characteristics of fine grained polycrystalline metals, it is important to recognize the function of grain boundaries...

Authors: Kounosuke Nakamura, Hiromoto Kitahara, Shinji Ando

Abstract: {10 2} twin is common in pure hcp metals. In this study, initiation and development of {10 2} twin in hcp metal was simulated by molecular...


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