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Authors: B.J. Park, Jong Min Choi, S.H. Lee, Kwan Soo Lee, Kyung Jong Lee

Abstract: The phase transformation in steels has been widely measured by dilatometer using the lever rule. However, the concept of lever rule is no...

Authors: Kazufumi Sato, Satoshi Takizawa, Tetsuo Mohri

Abstract: We investigate the melting transition of the solids interacting through a simple pairwise potential using conventional and Wang-Landau Monte...

Authors: Liang Huo, Zhi Qiang Han, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: A three-dimensional (3-D) cellular automaton (CA) model for simulating the dendrite morphology of cast Mg alloys has been developed. In the...

Authors: M.Y. Wang, T. Jing

Abstract: A new algorithm of phase field model is developed to simulate polycrystalline dendritic solidification growth in undercooled melts. The...

Authors: Z. Guo, Jia Wei Mi, Patrick S. Grant

Abstract: The dendrite grain growth of a succinonitrile based transparent alloy, their fragmentation under an intense thermal shock and the subsequnet...

Authors: Xin Lin, Lei Wei, Meng Wang, Wei Dong Huang

Abstract: A modified cellular automaton model for describing the dendritic solidification of pure substance was developed. Instead of using the high...

Authors: Zhan Li Guo, Alfred Peter Miodownik, Rong Shan Qin

Abstract: This paper uses a combination of thermodynamic calculation and kinetic simulation to model the homogenisation process of cast microstructure...

Authors: Jiu Zhou Zhao, Hai Li Li, Qing Liang Wang

Abstract: A model is developed to analyze the microstructure evolution in a continuously solidified immiscible alloy. The model takes into account the...

Authors: Khershed P. Cooper, Samuel G. Lambrakos

Abstract: Additive manufacturing involves creating three-dimensional objects by depositing materials layer-by-layer. The freeform nature of the method...

Authors: San Bing Ren, Jun Fei Fan, Yan Yu, Yuan Fang

Abstract: In strip casting process, surface wave and temperature distribution in the molten pool directly affect the process stability and the quality...


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