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Authors: Dong Uk Kim, Seong Gyoon Kim, Won Tae Kim, Jae Hyung Cho, Heung Nam Han, Pil Ryung Cha

Abstract: In this presentation, a novel phase field grain growth model combined with a micro-elasticity effect including elastic anisotropy and...

Authors: Bohuslav Mašek, Hana Jirková, Jiří Malina, Štěpán Jeníček

Abstract: Material-technological modelling has made great progress over recent years, thanks to the new possibilities opened up by developments in...

Authors: Miao Quan Li, Jiao Luo

Abstract: Isothermal compression of near alpha Ti-5.6Al-4.8Sn-2.0Zr alloy is conducted on a Thermecmaster-Z simulator at the deformation temperatures...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zhang, Zheng Yi Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: In twin-roll thin strip casting, the temperature of casting roll affects the roll thermal stress, and influences the thermal deformation,...

Authors: Hei Jie Li, Zheng Yi Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Jing Tao Han, A. Kiet Tieu

Abstract: The friction is a key factor that influences the surface quality in metal forming. To figure out the relationship between the friction and...

Authors: Dyi Cheng Chen, Ci Syong You, Gua Nying Lai, Syue Cheng Ji

Abstract: In the cross wedge rolling process, many factors must be controlled to obtain the required plastic strain and desired tolerance values. The...

Authors: Sheng Zhi Li, Hai Yan Bao, Zhi Chao Zhang, Yang Hua Li, Gong Ming Long

Abstract: the aid of commercially available software MSC.SuperForm, a 3-D finite element model has been established to simulate the rolling process of...

Authors: Yong Cheng Lin, Ming Song Chen, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Heavy forgings are the essential parts of some nuclear, electrical power generation, rolling mill equipments. Based on the experimental...

Authors: Jaroslaw Nowak, Łukasz Madej, Franciszek Grosman, Maciej Pietrzyk

Abstract: The main aim of this work is the computer aided design of the new orbital forging process. The finite element model was developed and used...

Authors: Guang Ma, Jing Zheng, Yin E Li, Yi Wang

Abstract: The thin helical tube of Pd-Y alloy was mainly used to high purity hydrogen preparation. The physical phenomenon was comprehensively...


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