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Authors: Qi Zhang, Jun Jie Qi, Yue Zhang, Qin Liang Liao, Xin Li

Abstract: With recent research, the author intends to outline the framework of the field emission of ZnO nanostructures. However, many groups’ reports...

Authors: Juan Yang, Chuang Liang Zang, Xiao Nong Cheng

Abstract: CdSe particles with the wurtzite structure have been synthesized via solvothermal method using a mixed solution of triethylenetetramine...

Authors: De Ming Zhu, Erich H. Kisi

Abstract: BNC nanotubes were prepared by a high-energy ball milling and annealing method. Graphite carbon (C) and hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN)...

Authors: Qin Liang Liao, Yue Zhang, Yun Hua Huang, Jun Jie Qi, Zheng Zhang

Abstract: The plasma-induced emission properties of ZnO nanorod and carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays were investigated under the pulse electric field. The...

Authors: Yu Lu, Wei Jin, Wen Chen

Abstract: Polythiophene (PTP) coated V2O5 nanotubes were prepared by an in-situ polymerization of thiophene monomers in the presence of prepared V2O5...

Authors: Wen Guo, Ya Yang, Jun Jie Qi, Yue Zhang

Abstract: We report the poly(3iophene) (P3HT)/ZnO nanobelt hybrid p-n junction diodes characterized by using a conductive atomic force microscope...

Authors: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Koushirou Ueda, Toshiyuki Uenoya

Abstract: Nanocomposite materials consisting of a nanocrystalline Ni matrix with grain size ranging from 23 to 40 nm, and nano-size SiO2 particles...

Authors: Vanalysa Ly, Stéphane Gorsse, Kiyonori Suzuki, Christopher R. Hutchinson

Abstract: A physically-based model is proposed for the competitive precipitation of multiple phases (bcc-Fe, Fe3B, Nd2Fe14B, Nd2Fe23B3, NdFe4B4 and...

Authors: Xie Rong Zeng, Hong Chao Sheng, Ji Zhao Zou, Sheng Hui Xie

Abstract: In Nd9.5Fe84B6.5 melt-spun ribbon, the quenching temperature is found to be effective for the texture development of Nd2Fe14B nanocrystals....

Authors: H. Zhang, Kiyonori Suzuki, K. Saito, J.S. Garitaonandia, E. Goikolea, M. Insausti

Abstract: The magnetic and optical properties of regioregular poly(3-hexylthiophene)-capped Au nanoparticles (NPs) have been investigated in order to...


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