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Authors: M. Khadem, M. M. Kheirikhah
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:Nowadays Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) are used as actuators in many applications such as aerospace structures. In sandwich structures, the SMA...
Authors: M.Sameh Ibrahim, M.A.R. Mansour, A.M. Abed
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:Industries always face severe crisis by increased scrap rate, so they are continually striving to improve process quality by reducing...
Authors: Majid Elyasi, Hassan Khanlari, Mohammad Bakhshi-Jooybari
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:In this paper, the effect of load path on thickness distribution and product geometry in the tube hydroforming process is studied by finite...
Authors: Hoon Hyung Jung, Chae Sil Kim
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:This paper describes a finite element structural analysis model and determines analysis methods appropriate for determining the stability of...
Authors: Nan Chyuan Tsai, Rong Mao Lee
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:An Anti-Windup (AW) compensator is applied to the Embedded Cylindrical-Array Magnetic Actuator (ECAMA) to sustain the performance of spindle...
Authors: Jih Wan Choi, Chae Sil Kim
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:Curvic coupling of mill turret should maintain disk weight and the cutting resistance, which occurs when the machining operation must have a...
Authors: Qiu Ya Zheng, San Yang Liu
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:This paper mainly investigate the accuracy of the computed drag on the DLR-F6 Wing-Body configuration, and analyze effect of grid and the...
Authors: Hao Han Zhang, Ming Zhe Li, Wen Zhi Fu, Peng Xiao Feng
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:Multi-roll stretch forming process is a new flexible manufacturing technique that the general idea of discretizing is put in use in the...
Authors: Amir Kazemi, Vahid Khamesi, Sayad Hajimahamadi
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:In this study, 3D finite element models were developed to evaluate the effect of canal diameter on the stress distributions of post and...
Authors: M.V.N. Sivakumar, B. N. Rao, S. R. Satishkumar
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:This paper presents a simplified strain-based fracture mechanics approach to study the effect of pressure induced hoop stress on bi-axially...
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