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Authors: Abbas Rahi, Mortaza Shahravi, Darvish Ahmadi
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:The application of Timoshenko beam theory is presented, thereby the effects of airfoil camber can be investigated analytically and...
Authors: Li Qun Chen
Chapter 7: Materials Forming
Abstract:This paper analyzes the hole and open hole wall without cracking load, crack distribution and the order of appearance. We use MSC.Macr...
Authors: Mohammad Hassan Ghasemi, Navvab Kashiri, Morteza Dardel, Mohammad Hadi Pashaei
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:here, a time optimal control scheme for trajectory planning of kinematically manipulators subjects to actuator torque limits is proposed by...
Authors: R. Venkataraman
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:This work is aimed at optimizing the various parameters of the electro discharge machining process in order to Maximize material removal rate...
Authors: Vivek Jain, A.K. Sharma, Pradeep Kumar
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Tool wear is a major issue in ultrasonic machining and it is more significant in case of micro-ultrasonic machining. Because of the size of...
Authors: Jia Mao, Wei Hua Zhang
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:A structured frame for the design optimization problem of satellite platform structure was established through the definition, flow and...
Authors: Manish Kr. Khandelwal, P. Bera
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:A comprehensive numerical investigation on the natural convection in an isotropic porous enclosure is presented. All the walls of the...
Authors: Shahida Khatoon, Dhiraj Gupta
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In order to enable a mini-UAV to perform target acquisition, localization and continuous surveillance in real world environment one must...
Authors: Mohd Noh Mohd Hafiz, Abdul Hamid Ahmad Hussein, Rashid Helmi, Wisnoe Wirachman, Syahmi Nasir Mohd
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:Environment and green energy awareness are two main factors why this study has been carried out. This research is focused on aerodynamics...
Authors: Hong Wei Yan, Li Xue Sun, Juan Liu
Chapter 8: Machining
Abstract:In mechanical transmission, widely adopted involute spline link, it has self-centering, spline tooth bending strength, high bearing capacity...
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